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Haiti Elections - CEP Invites Candidates for President to Come Verify Ballots Info

Haiti CEP Note - Validation de la maquette des bulletins de Vote Haiti Elections Update -- All candidates for president who have confirmed their participation in the elections do-over are invited to come to the CEP Thursday and Friday to verify the elections ballots info. more »

New Haiti Election Rule: 'Mandataires' will ONLY be assigned to voting bureaus where they are registered

Leopold Berlanger - CEP President Attention Haitian candidates, here is a new RULE you need to know about for the October elections: Your Mandataire MUST be legally registered to vote in the "Bureau de vote" where you intend to send him/her to watch the election for you... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Candidate Jude Celestin has just confirmed his participation in the elections

Haiti Caricature - Jude Celestin Confusion Total Breaking News... Haiti candidate for president Jude Celestin has just finished confirming with the electoral council (CEP) his participation for the upcoming presidential elections... more »

Haiti - The new elections will cost 55 million US dollars

Haiti Caricature - Prix Election an, se De Men nan Tet Read this... Haiti needs 55 million US dollars to organize the new elections..The Haitian government already have 30 million available, a spokesperson from the National Palace said, but the International community has turned its back... So where will the rest of the money come from? more »

Haiti Elections - All presidential candidates must revalidate their candidacy to participate

Haiti Electoral Council - CEP Stamp Haiti's Electoral council (CEP) has asked all 54 candidates willing to participate in the presidential election scheduled for October 2016 to validate their intention to participate by presenting themselves in person at CEP headquarters... more »

Haiti CEP will release new electoral calendar Today, Monday

Leopold Berlanger Swearing in Electoral Council Haiti Elections Update -- Haiti Electoral Council (CEP) announced they will release the new electoral calendar this Monday, 06 June 2016... CEP president Leopold Berlanger himself confirmed that news to the media... more »

Haiti Elections - CEP to release Electoral Calendar Next Week

Electoral Council Elections List Haiti Elections Update -- The new electoral council (CEP) will release electoral calendar next week, this is a promise from interim president Jocelerme Privert himself... more »

FLASH: Haiti CEP Executive Director Mosler Georges QUITS his Job

Mosler Georges, CEP Directeur Executif Mosler Georges, the executive director of the Haiti provisional electoral council (CEP) quit his job Friday... Mosler Georges sent a written letter to Interim president Jocelerme Privert to alert him of this decision... more »

FLASH: Haiti CEP Publishes Final Results for MUNICIPAL Elections for 69 Communes

Electoral Council Elections List BREAKING News... The Haiti Electoral Council (CEP) has published the final results for the 25 Oct 2015 municipal elections for 69 communes... We have the list for you... more »

Haiti Elections - Leopold Berlanger becomes new CEP President

Leopold Berlanger Swearing in Electoral Council Haiti Elections Update - The new Electoral Council (CEP) has officially been installed with Leopold Berlanger as its president. more »