Does President Michel Martelly Have a DIASPORA Frame Of Mind?

While it is true that Haitian President Michel Martelly met all the legal requirements to become the President of Haiti, in reality, isn't Martelly the first Diaspora President of Haiti?

Michel 'Sweet Micky' Martelly in US Army Uniform

The word in the streets is President Martelly is arrogant...

Arrogant or Street smart?

Arrogance is a trait that is sometimes attributed to Haitians from the Diaspora who will not accept BS from "Neg Lakay..."

Is that what is it or is there more to it than that?

The refusal to see things "their way" may easily be seen as arrogance... probably the main reason the Haitian diaspora has been kept out of Haitian politics...

This article may frustrate you if...

  1. You are Haitian and have never spent a few years abroad working the nine to five
  2. You have never spent months, sometimes years, sleeping on the carpet in somebody's living room only to upgrade to the couch...
  3. You have never lived below the poverty line in a foreign country
  4. You have never felt like the people you have mistreated back home (i.e. bonne, gason lakou, restavek, etc...)
  5. Shame and destitution has not made you dream of going back home a million times
  6. Had it not been for that measly paycheck every Friday (Chak Vandredi) you would blahhh blahhh blahhh...

Once one or more of these happen to you, education or not, you become a "born-again Haitian" with a different aspect on life as we know it... Especially the Haitian way of life... (Terain-an)

You see things differently!

When a Haitian leaves his country and returns home, usually it is not because he just graduated from college and is looking forward to a bright future... Any first generation Diaspora can finish this sentence...

Back to Michel Martelly!

Some say President Martelly is ARROGANT... is it perhaps because, like most other diasporas, he cannot understand why simple things by our [diaspora] standards are so complex in typical Haitian society?

For example, you can go anywhere in the United States and have a document notarized within minutes and it will be accepted by anyone who requests such documents...

Have you ever tried to get a document notarized in Haiti?

It's pure hell... You have to sit in a freakin' lobby for hours and wait for "L'Honorable Notaire!" epi se pa lakay nenpot notaire non pou-w ale pitit!

Politics in Haiti is dictatorial however you look at it... Once you rise to power, whether you are President, Senator, Depute, "Chef De Partie" or a simple "Chef Section" in a municipality, you become the HNIC, the Head Nigger In Charge, your head gets BIG and you forget that you've been chosen by the people to perform a duty.

I am not saying that the Haitian Diaspora is better than Haitians living in Haiti in any way, shape or form, I am just implying that if you have never left Haiti or have ONLY been outside as a tourist, you are what the Diapora call, I am sorry to say, "A TYPICAL HAITIAN."

The more books you read, the more difficult it becomes for you and us to agree on anything...


Does Michel Martelly have a Diaspora frame of mind?

Assuming that President Michel Martelly has a "Disapora mentality" -- by that, I mean the good Diaspora who has acquired some life experience, hopefully some skills and knowledge, and dreams of going home one day and improve the status quo -- How will this affect his presidency?

Will his views and his actions be condemned as "ARROGANT" simply because he dares to say and do things that a TYPICAL HAITIAN would not dare to or say or do?

Is that GOOD or BAD?

How could this affect the political spectrum of Haiti?

Would it make more sense (would his approval rating go up amongst the Haitian elite and politicians) if he simply chooses to hop on one leg like most before him, making him, and them, richer, more powerful, and leaving Haiti in ruins?

Reply with your comments

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Out says...

Adoption In haiti.


L Adoption as one manifestly of love saw - opinion of adopting him has adopts him is considere badly according to more of

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Max Mills says...

Oh ! please do not patronize me.

This is an Haitian site where everyone is welcome with their views and opinions.This site is part of a great milestone of democracy that everyone finds freedom to express their views like you Sir, but not the way you put it across against my views.

But surely I am not kind offended if you see for me to be your next president.But the truth must be told. If our President Martelly could visit this site times to times the amount of positive and negative views which were said about him I believe we could have the finest president on earth, if he, is willing to accept criticisms and compliments.Most of the times we prefer to hear the goods than the bads.

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Miejo says...

well my dear what can you do, why don't you start preparing yourself and be able to do a good job for Haiti, If you think that president Martelly is a well ignorant person, then after 5 years have someone capables to do a better job, mean while Matelly is the president of Haiti.

and you must know HAITI PAP

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Yanique Josef says...

Tiba a raison a 98 %.

Le syndrome du complexe de

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Tiba says...

This is a very intriguing post that requires Haitians to work their brains out and come up with some common sense comments.

But here my 2 cents to your beautiful brain stumilating well crafted post. I can tell while Michel Martelly (Sweet Miky) is viewed as arrogant, but he is just being Haitian.

If you take a close look around you, you would realize that ALL Haitians are arrogant by nature, and the diaspora is even worse.

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Max Mills says...

Of course President Martelly is a well ignorant person, everybody can see that.

It is not a matter of education or qualifications he has, it is class within which he never has and will never have. That is why from day one he pulled down his pants and the rest is history.

Let me tell you before his term ends he will curse some ministers and the whole country we feel sorry .It is not a matter of diaspora mind or he cannot deal with slackness but pure lack of class.

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Kenold Pierre says...

This has nothing to do with JPA, I'm my own man, As haitian keep in mind: Haiti must be 1st, everything is 2nd. there is no maybe or but This is the bottom line, if you see it differently I'm sorry.

We have to stop faking, be truthful with each other.

I Left the country young, never occupied a place in any funtion just left school, I still love Haiti to death.

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Myrtho says...

I heard that people referred to President Martelly as a very arrogant personality.

I do not think is the right qualification He just want things to be done the right and effective way possible.

He traveled a lot and had not only seen but learned how others manage their system of government for the benefits of their countries .Back-home, people operate differently .There is no discipline, no respect, and the worse no moral value.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Every single makout have an heart of dignity and we gives pure justice accordingly.

When we kill, most be necessary to do so.
"If you are a bad weed in the field, you will not like a weed killer"
For your info, i will die

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Cyber Makout Inspector-1 says...

This bears the signature of JPA under a different

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