I heard that people referred to President Martelly as a very...

Myrtho - June 19 2011, 8:48 AM

I heard that people referred to President Martelly as a very arrogant personality.

I do not think is the right qualification He just want things to be done the right and effective way possible.

He traveled a lot and had not only seen but learned how others manage their system of government for the benefits of their countries .Back-home, people operate differently .There is no discipline, no respect, and the worse no moral value.

Everyone in Haiti is a chef not a cooking one but a gro neg who does not take no for answer.

everything must done "THEIR WAY OR THE HIGHWAY" a productive way to their benefits The new president like any one who lives abroad has difficulties to comprehend their state of mind and therefore has a lot of difficulties swallowing anybody's BS.I think he has the good in heart no a DIASPORA MIND.

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