Oh! please do not patronize me. This is an Haitian site where...

Max Mills - June 27 2011, 10:08 PM

Oh ! please do not patronize me.

This is an Haitian site where everyone is welcome with their views and opinions.This site is part of a great milestone of democracy that everyone finds freedom to express their views like you Sir, but not the way you put it across against my views.

But surely I am not kind offended if you see for me to be your next president.But the truth must be told. If our President Martelly could visit this site times to times the amount of positive and negative views which were said about him I believe we could have the finest president on earth, if he, is willing to accept criticisms and compliments.Most of the times we prefer to hear the goods than the bads.

It is best to hear the bad so we can get the opportunity to change.

If the good is already there why wasting time to hear about it again.

In the next five years do not you expect to see a rising leader to lead the country.

Do you wish for Mr Martelly forever.

Oops ! not me, count me out.

Just sit and enjoy the Martelly's show. (se mwen ki di'l )

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well my dear what can you do, why don't you start...

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