Tet kale vini feter Mars est ici yo proklamer li Grand Marshals

Republica Mali--kong Bing - June 26 2011, 2:53 AM

Homosexuality and Genetic Diseases To Decrease The World Population

Bio-scientist doctors in their quest to replace GOD decide to reduce the world population by genetic diseases such as cancer and other infectious diseases, homosexuality through gender sex vaccines and wars. Conservatives in the G-8 countries are financing those scientists to discriminate poor people worldwide.

Poor heterosexual people are paying the price of those evil people in many countries around the globe.

Should we start discriminating poor people to create jobs in Haiti?

Posted by Robert on 6/26/11 12:31 AM

El Mars est ici Coriasimo kanson tombe will be grand marshall in gay parade

El Coriassimo Mars Ici kanson tombe sans kalson kalmason paka bande tet kale will be on fifth Ave on the unhappy so called gay parade as the Grand Marshall de Los malos mali--cons this Sunday june 25th 2011. He was seen also in the NYC East village particularly on Christopher Street celebrating with the Steves from the gym body builders.

Bring your kamera to record this pathetic malediction moment today on fifth Ave It is unclear and unclean whether that Jean Claude will be present but the ghost of of the Mareshal's father will continue to hunt the Maersall forever since his sin was the cause of his father's death.

Posted by Republika De Malikong I on 6/25/11 10:46 PM

Association des chat haitiens

Tout ti machand ak bouretier ape paye tax en Haiti excepte gros mulatre yo.
Chat ak mimi deux pieds yo ki chita nan Petionville, Montagne noire ak bombomfle Jean Claude Duvalier yo pas payer tax.
eTi bou 132zin Jean Claude Duvalier ya se pitit pitit prezident Borno ki pat Haitien.

Borno te fait nan Guadeloupe.

Komper chat Rouzier se fanmi ak prezident Borno.

Eh bien komper chat Rouzier payer $ 600 tax sou 1 million et demi dollars.

li fait.

Chat mimi Rouzier gain lot Nationalite.

Parlement Haitien ya mander Rouzier pou li porter tout 7 passports ke li proceder yo, li montre yo sulement deux passeports.

Chat mimi Rouzier gainyin gnow bagaaill la pe cache sou nationalite aktuel li.
Lot mimi ya, Michel Martelly refuser fait deklaration sou biens ak L'agent li posseder.

Li te gainyin gnow delais depi le 14 Juin pou li te fait rapport saar.
Mimi chat martelli en kontavension avek la lois paceke li refuze deklarer lagent ke li posseder.

Li pat kab payer cay florida yo. Yo te obligar saisit yo.Main avant li kite pouvoir en haiti lap gainyin des centaines de millions
Tax sou telephone yo se kik back matelly ap paye pou blanc ki te finance election martelli ya. Blanc saar gain yin gnow mandate d

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Too bad you are an agent of Satan.You will never have balls and courage to denounce the enemies of Haiti. You can talk all you want days and... more »

Yourthought Manager-1 says...

Read your graffiti before posted them.You contradicted yourself. You are too stupid and inept to write. Tell me if you are a homo-s......? I can... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

TM-1,i was too busy with your mother on your father's bed while banging her clito with my shaft,your mother did not give me enough time to read my... more »