This has nothing to do with JPA, I'm my own man, As haitian...

Kenold Pierre - June 19 2011, 9:41 AM

This has nothing to do with JPA, I'm my own man, As haitian keep in mind: Haiti must be 1st, everything is 2nd. there is no maybe or but This is the bottom line, if you see it differently I'm sorry.

We have to stop faking, be truthful with each other.

I Left the country young, never occupied a place in any funtion just left school, I still love Haiti to death.

I carry her in my hearth It 's not negative If I tell you :NOU EN RETARD ANPIL .We need to stop thinking in the box and start see things out side of the box .stop thinking micro start to see BIGGER PICTURE to have a better Haiti .Maybe we have divergence of opinion, but we but haitians we share commun interest: Lot of repect to you and yours.

Let me finish by giving you a big hand shake in the name the Architect of the univers

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