President Martelly Lays The First Stone for New Haiti Housing Project

Zoranger, Haiti - President Michel Martelly made a campaign promise to build 400 houses within his first 100 days in office. Yesterday, Wednedsay June 15 2011, the President laid the first stone.

President Martelly and Bill Clinton Laying The First Stone

Accompanied by former US President Bill Clinton, they laid the first stone for a new Haiti housing project in Zoranger, commune of Croix des Bouquets.

Bill Clinton says...

"When Mr. (Michel) Martelly was campaigning to become president . he said every family deserves strong, safe, affordable housing, and that we need to close the camps and open homes for the people of Haiti...

...If we do this housing properly, it will lead to whole new industries being started in Haiti, creating thousands and thousands of new jobs and permanent housing. Which means there will many more people able to afford the new houses."

Strong, affordable, durable, and earthquake resistant house!

According to the Montreal Gazette, the houses being built are supposed to be earthquake proof, capable of sustaining hurricane force winds and affordable. Made of steel, Styrofoam, cinder blocks and concrete, between 300 and 700 square feet in size... Most could be built in a matter of days and are supposed to last at least 70 years.

Huhhhh.... They are NOT FREE contrary to popular belief!

According to the Montreal Gazette, there is a price tags for these housed, they will be ranging from $10,000 to $35,000.


There are a lot of people who are NOT just waiting for houses in Haiti, they are expecting a FREE HOUSE... Do you believe they will be taking this new as GOOD news?

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Jerry Beaudouin says...

bayo yon jan pou yo ka peye pou kay la ou paka bay chak moun yon kay
cepou yo peye yon kob chak mwa jis yo finn peye pou

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Mr. Ann Jerry Jerome says...

To me, that's one of the biggest problem from people who was born in America or who used to leave there for a while, when they live America they took all of the bad habits from there, business mentality and that's wrong.

so far our President is doing a good job, but I also question his motive and his ideas on how to run Haiti.

First and Foremost Haiti is not for sale by any means!example, even though a lot of people wants to invest in our country, but what is really their motives for the people in the country.

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Myrtho says...

I think that the government should establish a clear understand in people minds about free housing .Nothing in life is gratis" ti Cheri".Someone should be able to make the people understand that the the project might be non-for-profit but not free at any cause.

A good communication can prevent

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Josy says...

They need to have a meticulous screening process, and it will not be 100 fraud proof.

You know the system in Haiti, and it is very complicated.

"Marraines", "Parrains", "moune pas", "moune pays", "macomeres", "moncomperes", etc...

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Maxo Louis Jean says...

iI agree with you 100%.

the question i am asking' can someone in the diaspora buy one those

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Maxo Louis Jean says...

My comment on this issue is this: i never believe that they houses will be absolutely free of cost, but if you look at what will they pay for them its a give away.

2nd of all, haitians needs to abandon this mentality of freeness and stop behaving like they can't help themselves.

i live in Barbados government say the same thing but in reality nobody gets free house, but they sell them at affordable cost to low income earners.

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Brenda From Canada says...

Thank you Mr Martelly for giving the Haitian's hope and shelter, and future jobs! Haitian people do not expect 'free stuff' as others think.

They are hard working people, given the chance.

And today thanks to Mr Martelly this is a new beginning for some wonderful deserving people.


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Marjorie says...

Well nothing should come for free Haitian people need to learn how to help themselves...

I hope they create jobs to help them get a mortgage in other
to purchase those homes.

And maybe they should build jails to keep this criminals out innocent people

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Well, free or not something is cooking and the people want

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