VIDEO - America Still Hates Haiti

If you think the United States Of America loves Haiti, think again... Wikileaks exposes how America still hates Haiti... Watch this video...

Louis Vuitton - Calabash Bowl - Haiti

Why would a big and prosperous country like the United States of America try so hard to keep a tiny little Caribbean country like Haiti in poverty and destitution? us?

The question asked in the video is: WILL Michel Martelly serve the best interest of the Haitian people OR his powerful neighbors and donors?

The question I have to ask is: CAN Michel Martelly serve the best interest of the Haitian people with the GOLIATH nations breathing on his neck?

Why is it so important in this day and age for Haiti to remain poor and destitute?

Is there a way out?

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Marjorie Middy says...

What's love got to do with it?

You know the proverb in America: "Good fences make good neighbors".

A good cultural understanding of where the other Country is coming from, A sense of their history, their language, their political, commercial and religious beliefs are needed in order to create good fences to protect ourselves against other countries.

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Miejo says...

Elisabeth - tout a fait d'accord bien dit - haitians are like children...

always the same song, You don't love me because I am poor, you don't love me because I am black, you don't love me because, because..


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Elisabeth says...

america do not hates haiti, please give me a break with this strong statement, why are we not asking ourself what love we are having for our country and stop worrying about other country it is just sad to see how we are so dependant to all they are doing he looks like we can even think for ourself and devlop our country.

For the love of God we own this little piece of land again I will repeat our ancestor fought and shed their blood so we can be free but for years and years we have been fighting each other instead of helping each other we are the one Haitians that hates Haiti because as long as we have our poket full of american dollars we have visa to actually go to america we feel so much superior.

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Jim says...

It is extremely sad that Belpolitik uses the word HATES to describe

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

If, anyone doesn't understand the sweet and sour hates of United States Of America, France,England have against any third world countries from 200 years until now! you need seriously have your brains checks for deficiency.

To be strait in my language,"wou se yon tou bouda".

African countries have the same problem, not only after they share Africa like a pizza pie between themselves witch i will adds Italy and Spain.The still crushing Africa with an jack hammer in the head daily.

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Ann Jerry Jerome says...

Mireille, please do not shed any tears anymore, because in this 2011 year, God is going to do a miracle in Haiti that's going to shock the intire world we living in and you don't have to trust me, simply just believe and continue to have faith in the Almighty.

It is our year of breakthrough and no one will be able to stop HIS will. I guarantee my life in it. Because I know my father Jesus Christ would never lie to me, you and the rest of HIS children.

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Wil says...

I agree with Vicky to a certain extent.

America still harbors resentment towards Haiti for 1804. America is only considering their own interest.

If they hand Haiti a dollar on the right hand, they are exploiting the country and seeking to to extract two dollars with the left hand....HOWEVER VICKI, so long as Jesus Christ is in the most Holy Place interceeding for you and I, America will remain a leading and powerful nation...Says the SURE word of Bible

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Mireille says...

You are absolutely correct.

Any battle that we need to win must be fight with the help of God. This battle of course is too much for Haiti, we need a stronger hands.

I am writing this with tears in my eyes because I love my

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Richelle says...

I agree with you, not US of A who hates us we hate our own self but US of A take advantage of

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Vicki says...

The United States has NEVER and NEVER WILL be a friend to Haiti.

It is not within the ability of the US to give a d--- about what Haiti or any other brown or black country needs.

The chickens are coming home to roost for the U.S. and for all the evil it has perpetuated throughout the brown and black world.

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