Monel, you should be a shame talking about "boat people". My...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - December 5 2011, 8:36 AM

Monel, you should be a shame talking about "boat people".

My case is close with you cause i just realize you are an ignorant imbecile.

I am a proud boat people that makes it in the USA and i know many many boat people that have succes here in the USA.
Also you are right in the money;I don't from in the slum Capital of the world"Port-au -Prince".

I came from somewhere perfectly design environment, natural habitat region in Haiti mountains.

Apran'n konin se chin wou ye, paske wou viv tankou chin, wou manje tankou chin, wou domi tankou chin nan fatra kapital D'ayiti;Wou min'm moute avyon tankou chin.
Tout't Lavalas se fatra, se chin, ti toutous.

Al'l domi nan san'n dife.

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yes mr Jean Pierre Alexandre haitian people have to...

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