Haiti Travel - 44 Miles Of Newly Paved Roads

Good news for Haitian Travelers... 44 Miles of Haiti's Route National #1 has been rehabilitated, From Ti Tanyen all the way Saint Marc Haiti, It's smooth sailing.

President Preval Drives President Clinton
President Preval Drives President Clinton

Now Former President Preval can drive US President Bill Clinton all day long... No Bumps on the road... LOL...

This new public work was inaugurated yesterday by Haitian president Michel Martelly and the builders, Dominican company Estrella who carried out the rehabilitation works.

According to Haiti Libre, The rehabilitation of this road will reduce travel time by 50%, enabling people and commodities to flow more quickly.

Moun Saint Marc yo kontan papa...

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Tiba says...

You have got to be kidding me!

The cheerleading and the marching bands flock the streets of Haiti and around the world just to celebrate the completion of a 44 miles paved road in Haiti?

That makes it seem as if this is the very first time in history haitians have ever seen paved road that long or Haiti has for the very first time.

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Pierre says...

Would be good to see a shot of the actual roadway showing the improvement if any. As long as it is not a highway with at least 2 lanes on each side, separated with concrete barrier, that is not good

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Alle, kwe'm si wou vle!
Mwen dako avek wou anpil sou kesyon bavade'ya.
Mwen pa bavade selman non! Mwen ap trava'ye anpil tou an Ayiti tou

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Alle says...

jean de haitian takou nou ki fet lot nation ap kritike haiti konsa.

moin giyin yon kap travail mim-m kote ave-m se tout jounin lap di haitian se chin epi chans li kon-n pale yon ti angle.

Monche avan ou rele nou chien kisa ou pote de bon pou peyi a ki jan d'edication ke ou pran konsians ke ou ede lot yo ki pa edike yo le ou fi-n pran konsians de tet ou pou ou we ou pa fe anyin pou peyi a se selman chite sou yon internet barvade ke ma pra plezi avek ou pou moin rele ayitian se

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Monel says...

Mr Jean pierre Alexandre you forgot your own color .your favorite color is brown that's mean MARON this is the color when somebody wanted by the police.

Rainbow is too sweet for you .the kind of worth person like you you cannot a Gay .Gay peolpe never take none isn't belong to them.you're athief bro I advise you to enjoy your picture onYOUTUBE.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Your signature is similar to Agent-x the loser, genetically derrange.

I don't have time and do not want to generate energy with losers.

Like i said, pink is one of my favorites colors, you forgot to mention the rainbow colors, also is my flag.
Your mother was very wrong by telling you that, ti toutous.

What about

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Monel says...

Jean Pierre Alexandra ti Simone ou kite m we anba-w: you wear a couple pink's panties! I got you punk ! Why l have to be ashamed, when l was little my mother always told me only thief who never ashame that why you're f....talk to me like that, pig before you close with me l want to tell you, by the way l took your picture in MACY'S department thieves I think you the most wanted by Macy's PD.with my droid phone l gonna put your picture on YouTube voler ou pa menm won't wap layite-w sou net la san pider l gonna make you enjoy your picture on youtube.kote you minote'w pou voler san

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Toudenoir says...

This is not the first, nor the last time, a portion of a road has been rebuild in Haiti.

The natif natals approach has always been lack of maintenance.

The concept of maintenance does not exist in the thinking of the natif natal Haitian.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Monel, you should be a shame talking about "boat people".

My case is close with you cause i just realize you are an ignorant imbecile.

I am a proud boat people that makes it in the USA and i know many many boat people that have succes here in the

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Monel says...

yes mr Jean Pierre Alexandre haitian people have to be happy for 44 miles of newly paved roads, because the haitian people who used to live in Port-Prince Haiti are known "bon bagay".But you when you were in countryside "Nan fon bwa chin pa jwenn"you didn't know any "bon bagay".This is when you came to USA you see Highway, light may be you drink purify water for the first time in your life because you used to live with PIGS when you were in Haiti "nan fon bwa chin pa jwenn" .You know why you derespect haitian people like that, because most of them "pat pran kannter avek ou! chinpanze".Preval made that roads, is not haitian people who suppose to do the maintenance to keep it intact, is Martely-Conille gouverment job to keep going, not only cut the ruban off for something you not doing is their job now to put the traffic signs to protect peolple.You named LAVALAS pigs! "komm ou di lavalas te konn manje moun, ou menn ou konn manje k....k....

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