If we were to prosecute everyone who have stolen money from...

Tiba - September 16 2011, 9:31 AM

If we were to prosecute everyone who have stolen money from the public treasury or were involved in worse corruption imaginable including past and current presidents and all those who were in the government in all capacity/level, whether they were elected or nominated/appointed/selected, etc..

I am sure at least 75% of Haitians would be in jail. There would be more prisons in Haiti to hold all of these people than there would be houses.

Haitian seem to care only about revenge than forgiveness, which led me to believe that Haitians seem to spend much of their time seeking vengence than finding ways to be self-sustaining.

Haitians seem to prefer to go to bed hungry as long as they can kill someone or get someone in jail as payback for what was done. And the funny thing about it is that much of the revenge is based purely and simply on perception and assumption never on reality and fact.

Aristide has stolen millions from the public treasury but there is never any evidence/proof let alone facts supporting the accusations.

But, according to Haitian's narrow minded mentality, anyone who was part of the government and became riche must have stolen from the public treasury.

In case of Duvalier, there was fact/proof he had stolen millions of dollars.

But my point is, whether or not all of these people had stolen millions of dollars, does that mean we have to spend the rest of our lives prosecuting all of these people?

It takes a lot of money to prosecute one person let alone a bunch of people.

As much as Haitians expect to get everything for free, but no lawyer is going to take on any case "pro-bono."

I think it's time that Haitians move away from this revenge and vengence mentality and use all of that energy toward making life better for their people and get off the "Diaspora Welfare" system.

Find more important things to occupy you time.

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