Aristide To Make First Public Appearance Since Haiti Return

Former Haiti President Jean Bertrand Aristide will make his first public appearance since returning from exile in October. Political or Social? Here's what we know...

Titid Nap Tann Ou Aristide We Are Waiting For You

Me Wi... Titid ap pran lari wi...

A close friend and ally of president Aristide, former Senator Louis Gerald Gilles told The Associated Press the former leader planned to attend a ceremony in October to inaugurate the expansion of his university and will deliver a speech on education.

What time in October? He did not say...

Since returning to Haiti, Aristide has made no public appearances and has given no interviews...

Is former president keeping his promise to be a good citizen and involve himself ONLY in education?

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Tiba says...

If we were to prosecute everyone who have stolen money from the public treasury or were involved in worse corruption imaginable including past and current presidents and all those who were in the government in all capacity/level, whether they were elected or nominated/appointed/selected, etc..

I am sure at least 75% of Haitians would be in jail. There would be more prisons in Haiti to hold all of these people than there would be houses.

Haitian seem to care only about revenge than forgiveness, which led me to believe that Haitians seem to spend much of their time seeking vengence than finding ways to be self-sustaining.

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Sergo Jean says...

mwen menm map tann yon anket ki pou fet sou bien li posede yo paske li te yon pret ki pat gen cob e se Izmeri kite bali yon kay poul te ka candida a la prezidance e premie chec li te touche kom chef leta li te bay peyi a li pou montre li gen volonte pou fe bagay yo mache.

e apre kelke tan mwen tande premie minis li Yvon Neptune te di Aristide te prete peyi a 10 milion de dola US e li pran cob sa nan lajan Taiwan te bay pou constwi rout cafou avec ayoport a, pandan ke mwen konnen la loi pa permet a ocun neg ki nan pouvoi fe biznis le yo an fonction.

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