This is real truth the government doesn't have enough money to...

Max Mills - August 11 2011, 8:08 PM

This is real truth the government doesn't have enough money to keep his promises to the people.

First the president has to find any means to evacuate the tents people out of the streets because the hurricane season is not over yet until december.

This a big pressure over his shoulders.

Having the free education on his agenda is a blow mind for him and the people, its just too much for the time being with a little resource.

Mrs Manigat is not naive and so some of us here too.We must not say it cannot work, it can and it will. The matter is where, when, how the government will find the fund to subsidize the schools and then what about the teachers who is going to pay them if children not paying schools fees.What about schools materials who is going to fund these.The president needs to revise carefully his plans and put this one off for next year or two and then educate the people what they need to do as their share in their children education, for they can provide the books, uniform, medical insurance, PTA ( Parents, Teachers, Association) fees or whatever can apply.

At this moment if the president wants to grade himself he needs to put his pride aside and go back to the people and tell them the truth, there is no money to fulfill his dream but bear with him until next year. Some will understand but some will get frustrated as we all know. ( Se mwen ki di'l )

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