INITE Senator Anacacis Jean Hector Prime Minister

Vive Duvalier - August 24 2011, 1:37 PM

Inite Senator is chosen to become prime minister in charge of sanitation in the west department.

He was highly recommended by Senator Joseph Lambert.

Now he has to file his papers to see if he will get the job. There is always a need a good shoe shine boy in Parliament, may be he will get that positiion if he is not ratified as the prime minister of sanitation in the west department.

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Abas Les Macoutes says...

Jean Claude Duvalier applied for the position of bayacou last year but a group Senators and deputy turned him down for the job because of the... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Please keep your focus on Jean Claude Duvalier that will do us good. Idiot. We give a new job to Jean Claude Duvalier. more »

Vive Duvalier says...

Thank you so much for that top secret information. I am certain you already know that Haiti would love to see Jean Claude Duvalier as the Chief of... more »

Lucienne says...

ce sa ou ka di, jean charles moise kapab nou pa hont ca nou mete sou moun ban'n chien sa tout, ce la nou te bezwen rive avek peyi ya wi mon cher le... more »