Thank you so much for that top secret information. I am...

Vive Duvalier - August 26 2011, 2:23 PM

Thank you so much for that top secret information.

I am certain you already know that Haiti would love to see Jean Claude Duvalier as the Chief of Bayacou for the nation, that would help us get rid of all the tata fatra kap kimbe peyi kankou yun latrine.

The G16 were very wise, because they would have been some of the first ma tata to be placed in a drum and desposed of somewhere.

Abas les macoutes, enho les fatras et les ma tata. The more fatra the more ma tata the more money the present head fatra bayacou will make. But with Jean Claude Duvaleie as the Head Bayacou, they would end up in the sewers wher they came from, before the rain brought them down to town.

That was good one, thank you for the info.

Where is the G16, the president needs his shoes to be cleaned and a good yard boy. Some other positions may open soon, but they need to get their application in right away. Pass the information along.

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