Hello, All I want to say to you my friend, it is time my...

Garry Destin - March 21 2011, 7:12 PM


All I want to say to you my friend, it is time my country gets the chance to move forward and that means new blood, new ideas and great innovations.

We need someone who can cross us that difficult path.
Our youngsters need someone that they can be proud of. Someone who will not let them down, someone who loves his country.

Most of all someone who believe all will die to save one that make your blood priceless and respected.

With education, skill trainings and the will to think of the impossible, we will frog-leap even the greatest.

I didn't call you "N" and I responded to you with total respect so please do the same.
Aristide did my people wrong and I will not stand for some to tell me he was a great person.

If he was a good person, Cite Soleil by now would have been the city of lights which means Quartier Latin.

So stop blaming the white men, Aristide had years and money to do so much.
Please remember, I was one of those protesting for his return and I was there on Eastern Prkway in the Taboo Combo block party when he returned.

please don't go there at all when it comes to patriotism.

Telling me Haiti and Haitians are alright show me that maybe you are not even Haitian because if you were, you would cringe watching your grown citizens bare feet running up and down a street.

You would cringe watching 7 year old kids garbage diving in search for food to bring home in the mid of Port-au-Prince.

At that time I was in the UK, 1997. The very next day co-workers telling me about my country being the poorest in the western world.

So please if you are going to respond, find something positive to say, not that old hate negative vibe.

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You're fool of it, you were calling Mr. Aristide all...

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