It is clear to me that whatever you got in your mind is going...

Dr. D - March 22 2011, 12:10 AM

It is clear to me that whatever you got in your mind is going to stick with you. No matter how simple I am trying to make it for you.It's very sad you know. I am not going to continue this discussion with you, I've given you a homework, go and read the book that I've mentioned then come back to talk to me. But I'll give you a quick history; after your independance in 1804 the whole diplomatic world including America left Haiti because they did not want to recognize the Republic Negre of Haiti.

Two reason pushed them: 1)America wanted to show the french solidarity after king Louis 16th lost his kingdom because of his support to the American's revolution.

( why do you think the American's passport is also in french) It is even said that George Washington told France that "they're going to make sure that Haiti is the last country in the whole Hemisphere".

2) Haiti had made an end to SLAVERY.

the white man was getting super rich on the back of black people, for a tiny country like Haiti to come and change the Game, they would have to pay for it., In Haiti, our problem is not brain my friend it's the system in which the country was placed.

5 families are responsible for 54% of the country's wealth.

98% of the wealthy hold a US passport and constitution that is keeping 83% of haiti's brain out of their country's affairs.

By the way I was not born with a siver spoon in my mouth, I am a native of Bel-Air Port-au-Prince and proud of it. i had to work hard for everything.

I go home every year and I am always in Bel-air not else where, you can't tell me about people suffering and this thing about kids lookING for FOOD in garbage, I've never seen it in Pap. YOU MUST KNOW WHERE YOU CAME FROM BEFORE YOU CAN KNOW WHERE YOU'RE GOING.

You think Martelly is Haiti's hope, i am so sorry for you. not because he is not a good person but it's because of the forces that are pulling you down. The same thing you're saying about Aristide one day you will say them about your new found hope and the other leaders who are not willing to challenge the RAT RACE. Go therefore and read that book. Peace out.

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Hello, All I want to say to you my friend, it is time...

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