Hello it's me again, I forgot to respond to one of critics....

Dr. D - March 22 2011, 12:29 AM

Hello it's me again, I forgot to respond to one of critics., Aristide would have change Cite Soleil if the Rat Race did not put an embargo on his government.

I dont even think that you even know Cite Soleil, you're just talking.

Aristide had done more than even any government of the past 50 years.

Check you record.

The white man hate Aristide because he was able to stood up to them. You have gold-calcium carbonate-Uranium-zyconium-Bauxite-copper-silver-sulfer-Alluminium-Oil and yes Oil and make it possible now to know all these things, ARISTIDE.

When they had that economical embargo against his government, he paid a German Firm to survey Haiti and they've reported what they have found and the text was entitled: The "Super Rich Island Haiti" you see, those things are not fiction, they're reality and that's why my friend he came back home to help the new leader to find these wealth.

I want you to know that I have nothing against you, but it's your stupidity that pissed me off.But if I have offended thee, I am sorry! until next time please read the boook

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Hello, All I want to say to you my friend, it is time...

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