Well, well, well good speech my brother J.C.D. it really...

Max Mills - January 24 2011, 5:15 PM

Well, well, well good speech my brother J.C.D. it really reminds me late 70 's and early 80 's when the whole nation expecting the reading of the budget every year on the first of January.The speech shows remorse indeed, but who were clapping after the speech not those we so called aristocrates or who are they?

his followers humm! But one thing for sure whenever one delivers a speech in French nowadays you are not talking to the mass, you sending your message to somebody else. If you want the mass be real, be a creole to the core. If he has in mind to practice and shows his skills in politic he has to wait for the next five years according to the constitution he cannot start his propaganda to be a leader just overnight otherwise the whole world will be laughing at us like we do not know what we want or we are choosy-choosy people.

The man knew beforehand what he was coming to do.He came with an expired passport .France government never mentioned much about it instead his lawyers began negociations with the government.

All this time he kept his cool and said nothing until today he called for a press conference.That was a plan for me and maybe there is more under his sleeves but I do not want to be too pessimistic but at the same time there are too many ifs and buts here otherwise too many loopholes which none of us cannot allow here. Some of you are asking to give him a chance to be president, shame on you people, you are unbalance, you are not sure of what you want.You are unstable that is why the wiser ones are abusing us because of our failures of discerning what is right or what is wrong.

He needs to take a ticket and wait for his turn and if he is impatient send him somewhere else if France doesn't want him or I should say that he got his time in great abundance.Let someone else take a chance, while he can be around as a senior to oversee the mistakes and correct in a subtle manner.

I really appreciate he apologized for the mistakes he made but for the money the man is broke worst than a poor man on the streets.

Michelle has taken 3/4 of the money in lawsuit against him. People do not expect much from him .The wolf comes in a lamb suit. Beware my brothers and sisters.

( se mwen ki di'l )

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