VIDEO: Jean Claude Duvalier Press Conference in Haiti, His First Since Returning

Former Haitian Dictator, Jean Claude Duvalier, gave his first press conference since returning to Haiti over the weekend. Watch this video, listen to what he had to say...

Jean Claude Duvalier Press Conference

Video: Jean-Claude Duvalier Press Conference January 21, 2011

(video not available)

Quick things I noticed:

1) Duvalier called the airport "L'Aeroport International Francois Duvalier"

2) Duvalier says "upon my return, I expected all sorts of persecution.... Le Prix A Payer"

3) Duvalier apologized to his fans who were savagely murdered while the world was watching

4) Duvalier apologized to all Haitians who were victims of his government

5) Duvalier called upon the young Haitian generation, the future leaders of Haiti, to "Faire la releve" and show the world that the Haitian spirit is alive and well.


What do you think about the words of President Jean Claude Duvalier?

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Marjorie Middy says...

The same constitution that said Wyclef Jean did not meet the requirement to be the president of Haiti, Wyclef had to live in Haiti for 5 years.

Jean Claude too needs to be in Haiti for 5 years before he can try his candidacy one more time. This very same Constitution that I am referring

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Richelle says...

Well well well, what constition you talking about here?

oh ok Haiti constition?There is no constition in haiti, I say that because yong girls geting rap on a regular basis waman as well, where is the constition.Why nobody do nothing about that, you talking about nobody is above the constition.

Nobody follow haiti's constition name one that u know that follow these constition.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

1986 Haiti makes a sharp U-turn and is going with out control to no were so far.And Haitians are acting like wild zebras in the African prairies with no leaders.

Shame to all leaders and presidents after february 7 of 1986.
You guys make papa doc and baby doc looks good, talking about terror from

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Max Mills says...

Well done my sister, I salute you with all my heart my dear. No one could have said it better.

My brothers and sisters need to understand the meaning of a vote before to give it to any newcomer.

Not just for a name nor a beautiful face. We need men of visions now not just a figure but someone who has great calibre, someone who is ready to lead, to perform in a high quality job in the eyes of the world right now.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

After Baby doc departure in 86...

Can someone explain to me Why Haiti went backward with all the shi.t heads that was in

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Marjorie Middy says...

Nobody is above the Constitution.

If Wyclef did not meet the five-year residency clause, so did not Jean Claude Duvalier.

People, People calm

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Marjorie Middy says...

You have got to be kidding.

What is this?

Poisson d'Avril?

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Max Mills says...

Well, well, well good speech my brother J.C.D. it really reminds me late 70 's and early 80 's when the whole nation expecting the reading of the budget every year on the first of January.The speech shows remorse indeed, but who were clapping after the speech not those we so called aristocrates or who are they?

his followers humm! But one thing for sure whenever one delivers a speech in French nowadays you are not talking to the mass, you sending your message to somebody else. If you want the mass be real, be a creole to the core. If he has in mind to practice and shows his skills in politic he has to wait for the next five years according to the constitution he cannot start his propaganda to be a leader just overnight otherwise the whole world will be laughing at us like we do not know what we want or we are choosy-choosy people.

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Jenny says...

ce discour, est celui d un homme

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Marleine says...

Well said

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