Well well well, what constition you talking about here? oh ok...

Richelle - January 26 2011, 12:55 PM

Well well well, what constition you talking about here?

oh ok Haiti constition?There is no constition in haiti, I say that because yong girls geting rap on a regular basis waman as well, where is the constition.Why nobody do nothing about that, you talking about nobody is above the constition.

Nobody follow haiti's constition name one that u know that follow these constition.

There is no calm down ok, if there is a constition which one that say protect the haitian people.

Do samething for those kids that go stave, you have to pay up front for a police to move from they confort zone to come help you, if u do not have the monney then no help!which constition are u reffering to please tell me!

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Nobody is above the Constitution. If Wyclef did not...

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The same constitution that said Wyclef Jean did not...

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