Jean Claude Duvalier BANNED from LEAVING Haiti

FIRST he couldn't come back... NOW he cannot leave... LOL... A flight ban has been issued against Jean Claude Duvalier... He is barred from leaving the Haiti because there is a court order against him. This is the latest, according a Haitian judge.

Jean Claude Baby Doc Duvalier In Haiti

This is interesting...

For 25 years, Jean Claude Duvalier was BARRED from coming to Haiti... That's what exile is... Right???

So he came back anyway...

Now he is BARRED from leaving Haiti... Now that's gonna keep Haiti in the news for a while!

I feel sorry for the kids who will be studying "L'Histoire D'Haiti" par coeur in the years to come...

Se pa ni 2 ni 3 chapit non!!! Mezanmi!!!

What do you think?

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Joseph12 says...

the haitian people is very funny.Mwen se yon haitien mwen renmen peyim men mwen anvi kitel mwen fe etid mwen sot paske mwen pa rive konprann tolalito dirijanm yo map domi oubyen mwen nan je kle. si jan claude vle ale li prale paske pesonne pat konnen li tap. monsieur lajistis cheche yon kote ou grate tande paske siw te jis vre preval ak inite tap gentan anba men ou deja. Gro van ti lapli proveb

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Jean says...

I do believe that MR. Jean Claude Duvalier has and reserves the right to freely live in Haiti.

In fact, this guy should be treated as an Heroe for leaving his comfort of France to go sharing the pain of the current regime and the earthquaque with the Haitian people.

I was ten when he left Haiti and I believe that Duvalier was the one who buitl Hait infrastructure.

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Magloire says...

If you are a good Haitian patriot you will not say that brother.

Seek unity and do not play the CIA's political blame game accusations.

The Duvaliers had killed people under the label Communist to please America.

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Marianne says...

Whatever anyone can do: make sure they make the financial charges against Duvalier stick - and be sure to do so by February 1! That way the Swiss will NEVER release the remaining millions to him - they aren't his to begin with. The Swiss are sticklers and nobody else needs to play any games.

Whatever happens after that - staying or leaving ('take it or leave it'?)- is the next item to worry about.

Remember: as soon as Duvalier was told about this Feb.1, 2011 deadline, he came to Haiti to 'care for his people'.

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Yves Leon says...

Jean Claude Duvalier has to stay in Haiti and spend his

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Patrick says...


Remember the day and the hour your read this comment: "Jude Celestin will not be the President of Haiti.

In fact if he was going to the second round, then it would be officially announced already.

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Kayla says...

It seem like someone is using my name to post her comments I hope that do not happen again.


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David Grant says...

Hi Patricia,

What you have outlined in your commentary is regrettable; However, I am ineffective in this matter.

I do not live in

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Patricia says...

Preval is doing all that to keep everyone attention on JCD so he can put Celestin as President.

The people needs to stop focusing on JCD but focus on the Election otherwise Celestin is going to be the next

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David Grant says...

If someone is exiled from his country, it is a sort of banishment and is not allowed to come back.How ever, if he circumvents the agreement and return through the back door, he is liable for an arrest.

This is the case in Mr. Jean Claude's Duvalier's. As a matter of fact, even though someone is exiled from his country, and it found that he is wanted for crimes, he can be extradited if there exists an extradition treaty with the country in which he resides.

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