Nobody is above the Constitution. If Wyclef did not meet the...

Marjorie Middy - January 24 2011, 7:03 PM

Nobody is above the Constitution.

If Wyclef did not meet the five-year residency clause, so did not Jean Claude Duvalier.

People, People calm down!!
I understand your enthusiasm for Jean Claude and of course about the "Duvalierist" period.

Jean Claude Duvalier reminded us of time gone by. His face is peculiarly familiar.

It is a nostalgia of good times for some and terrifying times for others.

Anyway, Haiti should not be a theatrical platform.

There are real people right now who are suffering with real problem of life and death situations who are our brothers and sisters.

There is no margin for errors here. We have got to find real solutions to pressing existing problems very soon. Can we afford to try people who have been tried before as our leaders?

This is on your conscience, people.

Haiti is not a toy. Haitians living in Haiti are real. They are dying from malnutrition, from cholera, from not having basic necessities for bare basic living.

Future leaders don't necessarily have to be our friends, as long as they have STRONG qualification to lead and to FIND solutions to Haiti's problems: These are the leaders we have to look for. Said differently, we don't have to like the leaders as long as they have the necessary QUALIFICATIONS to take us out from under this bleak and downright revolting misery that we are facing today.

Haiti is not a playground and the masses are not toys. They are real people.

Please, think about this, before you cast a vote for a leader.

We have already accepted Jean Claude Duvalier and whoever wants to come back to Haiti.

This is not the issue.

The problem is we have got to protect ourselves so that history won't repeats itself.

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Well, well, well good speech my brother J.C.D. it...

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