HAITI - Born-Again Christian Vs. Born-Again Politician

FOOD FOR THOUGHT - Haitians seem very comfortable with the idea of born-again Christians BUT... are we comfortable with born-again politicians?

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Are we comfortable with born-again 'ANYTHING' if it is WE THE PEOPLE and not GOD ALMIGHTY doing the forgiving?

Really... A Voodoo priest can trade his BADJI for a church, can a politician have his old job back is he is born-again? If he repents...

Let's be realistic...

Most politicians in Haiti have their fair share of sins, lies, and deceit... (Le peche)

If a politician decides that he want to go the other direction, if a politician decides he/she now wants to do it the right way, if the politician decides to wash away the sins of the past and start all over again... AND do it right this time...

Will you accept that... Will you forgive? (le pardon)

In Haiti, a BOKOR can instantly transform himself into a PREACH'OR simply by getting down on his knees in front of the pulpit... epi "aksepte Jesus kom sauveur personel li..." It happens all the time.

Pasteur priye... Jezi vini... Peche padone...

Does such a transformation exist for a former DICTATOR, GENERAL, or PRESIDENT in the political side of Haitian life should he, or she, becomes a born-again politician?

Will you accept the idea of a born-again Haitian politician? or am I just taking crap?

I cannot wait to read what you have to say

Reply with your comments

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Miejo says...

chen ki manje ze ou met boule bouch lap toujou manje

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Kathleen says...

Thank you so much. Accepting someone into the family of God doesn't mean they automatically get reinstated as president of a

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Sergo Jean says...

I do believe we come to the earth for the purpose of growing and progressing.this is a lifelong process.

During this time we all sin.We all need to repent.

Sometimes we sin because of ignorance, weaknesses,willful disobedience.

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Martine Civil says...

sorry I have to say that there is no re-born or repent politicians such things does not exit a politician remain a politician at all the time. it is a third sense of the mind that filtered the body in their soul. a politician mind is a reverse thought in Ideal it must be done. it must be, and it have to be. there is no altenative on how it should be done or respected.the different between a re-born ougan is that the word of god is sacred and most be abide, so there is rules that most be follow and respected.with politic rules are almost none exited only the principal rules I must do this, have to do this, can do this, and will do

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Ddesir says...

God forgive us, when we sincerely express desires for our sins to be forgiven.

We really have to show regrets for whatever we did wrong, be trully remorseful, just like the son who returned home after wasting his part of heritage.

He knew that he did'nt deserve any special treatments.

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Ronald Altieri says...

Sister Kathleen,

I really like your statement of:

"Let us not confuse the earthly for the spiritual...


It's powerful, and it adds quite a bit of clarity to our subject of

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James Johns says...

I know it's though for almost everybody who lost somebody back then, but we have to forgive and not

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Ovaldine says...

LUC;13,3 NON, JE VOUS LE DIS.MAIS SI VOUS ne vous repentez vous perirez tous egalement aprand a pardonne si nou vle BonDieu padone nou lap beni pey-a nava gain laper Bondieu apetan nou pou nou

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Kathleen says...

The Lord forgives, and so should we....this does not mean the forgiven should then rule, it simply means they are accepted in the beloved, NOT necessarily in the seat of earthly power...it's apples and oranges children...I can love and forgive someone and still not have to vote for them! Indeed for the man or woman who cannot handle power, it may even be placing them in the path of temptation to put them in authority.

Let us not confuse the earthly for the

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