Brother Max, i was compelled to reply to your message with...

Ronald Altieri - January 3 2011, 9:18 PM

Brother Max, i was compelled to reply to your message with respect, good intention and in the spirit of communication.

Now! I beg to differ in that there is not a lot hatred, but i am inclined to believe that some emotional statements are being made.

Sir, as you know, there is a difference between calling one a devil or evil, and one committing what is perceived as devilish or evil acts; the latter pales in comparison to the former.

In light of what is going on with Preval and his administration, MINUSTAH, OAS and CEP vis-a-vis the the mandates of the Constitution, some are screaming their frustration.

That's it really.

No! I have not seen anyone here on this site or out-of site intentionally blaming Preval directly for the misery that comes with the natural disasters of Haiti (i.e floods, hurricanes, earthquake and cholera).

But, what i have been bombarded with is the undeniable truth that a different approach needs to taken than the one that implies a dangerous course.

Who has placed Haiti in a dangerous course, the ones on making statements on this site, or the government officials making secret statements behind doors.

We are already at the bottom of that dangerous course, there is nowhere to go but up from here. And, allow me to say, some feel as if the powers; the establishment of the old ways are playing a barrier to a healthier, more prospeous and vibrant Haiti, to perceive this belief will help you begin to understand this frustration.

Sir, the youth want to take this land that our ancestors, mothers have died for and take it in a different direction.

The one we have been traveling on has not gotten us nowhere.

Yes! Nowhere.

Take a look and you will see; open your mind and you will feel it.

Rapes of young girls in the tent city, or that which took place before the earthquake is not Preval's fault.

We are clear about that. But what we must be clear about also, is that the status quo and institutions thereof, have not played a role in instituting respect for our most precios jewels - the Haitian female who gave birth to Toussaint, Capois La Mort and Dessalines - just to name a few. Moreover, gave birth to us all including Preval.

Yes! It is true that the social dynamics of Haiti is a complex problem with no apparent formula to solve it. Also true, is that no man or woman is going to be sworn as President and find that formula to solve our Haiti's problems -it is going to take a generation or two. Min fo no komense plante lon ye'a, parce que sa'ou plante se sa'ou recolte.

Yes! We must start by saying that our ancestors went through hell, dance with the devil and fought evil to procure a Constitution for us. Max, our Constitution is sacred to us all, regardless of what some may or think it. And if that Constitution is being violated by those who are supposed to protect it; by those who have sworn to protect it 'Devant Dieu et Devant La Nation'; well, hence the term devil and evil. When looked at in this context you can see the frustration.

Be mindful, my internet friend, not to sneeze on frustrated words and smile passively at actions that are taking place behind doors to undermine every opportunity for your lovely Haiti to bloom and shine.

I can say a lot more, but suffice it should be for me to say, "What have they done for Haiti, for those little pretty girls that are being raped (as you mentioned), for the children before the natural disasters occured.


It is evil and devilish not to work towards the benefit of children.

Where are the institutions in place to protect the children, where are they?

it is true that the leader of a political party is always the focus of people's frustration.

It is true that Preval was sent to our story in history for us to see clearer where we want to go from here on.

We do not know what the new President will bring, but we know that we do not want the same non-sense that has not made sense since the days prior to Jan 12, 2010.

By the way! Could it be that what you have been reading is not rooted in hatred, but instead from the love in our hearts as well as yours, screaming in pain for ti Ayiti Cherie nou'en.

"L'Union Fait La Force"

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