Oh my, my, my so much hatred on this site not even one has...

Max Mills - January 3 2011, 8:11 PM

Oh my, my, my so much hatred on this site not even one has tried to understand the real situation here by what Preval has predicted .I did predict it already also sometimes in September last year.What Preval meant here whoever got the power has a lot on his / her shoulders.The reconstruction of Haiti is not simple as most people believe .The cholera to tackle is not also easy and yet you still have to pray to God that for this year 2011 nothing arrives.Yet what happened last year wasn't Preval's fault but the nature itself.May be he felt time is going to be against the one in power.

Although he has nothing to do with what is coming next. He just made a simple prediction .Whoever in power beware of the coming plagues.

What i did mention last year was in the coming months this year we are going to see an escalation of young teens in early age are going to have babies because of the increase of rapes were taking place under the tents.

A great amount of children without parents' supervision.

The lack of help from the government to dispatch some parcels of land to begin the reconstruction for these people.

All of us were expecting an epidemic.

Come on, all of us, maybe not cholera but something else because of the dust, dead people under the rumbles, flies all over the place, garbage all over may be we were expecting something sooner than that.But cholera has taken its course over the burden ( yon gren clou sou absse ).

What one did expect, Preval with these calamities om the eve of his departure could not do much just packing his luggage and clean the house for the next tenant.

Com on give the man a break.

Some are calling him " devil " ".evil spirit" what ever the word they can find under the sun to put the blame on him.That is not fair. Instead to curse him let us start by praying for the next one coming after him. All of us are " TURLUTU " we Haitian have good taste, love good things but no one wants to plough.

Some of us are taking pleasure to criticize in a simple manner instead to encourage, educate others to understand " what they can do for their country not what the country can do for them ".There are more than one million of people under the tents, living besides the garbage wakes up besides it same way, some of us are nasty, love freeness i bet some of them have lands back in countryside because of the free food they to live in the nastiness, they don't really care about criticism, the state of the country.

No one wants to take a bloom or shovel to start something or if one does they begin to criticize you." It is not what the country can do for you is what you can do for your country" Therefore mark my words " WHOEVER BECOMES PRESIDENT OF HAITI " has not changed the course to control the situation by finding a place for them, improve the system before his/ her term expired will fail all of us.By that our neighbors are going to find ridiculous words to expose us. (se mwen ki di'l)

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