The New Haitian Army will be deployed sooner than you think, Prime Minister says

The New Haitian Army Corps of Engineers: Ministere de la Defense - Republique d'Haiti
Breaking News... "The day the Haitian Army will be deployed is almost here," according news Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant during a press conference at the ministry of Communications.

"The Haitian constitution recognizes two security forces in Haiti, the Haitian Armed Foces (Les Forces Armée d'Haiti, FADH) and the Haitian national police, the Prime Minister said.

"There was never a dissolution of the Armed forces in Haiti. There was an administrative measure that was take by a government to demobilize the Haitian armed forces. and we think it is only justice to our forefathers to reactivate Les Forces Armée d'Haiti."

The new Army will have a new task including reforestation, protecting our borders, he said, really this is going to be a army that will truly be of service to the population and not an army of "kraze zo" (ruthless) like some people may think.

"The reactivation of the Haitian armed forces was a campaign promise by President Jovenel Moise. Now I am asking the population to keep your ears open, it is almost time!"

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Haiti Politique "Le jour où l'Armée d'Haiti sera déployée est presque arrivé", a déclaré le Premier ministre Jack Guy Lafontant... see more
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