MINUSTAH mandate expires October 15, Now What?

To be or not to be... That is the question... MINUSTAH's mandate will expire on October 15 and there are lots of debates over whether or not they should renew.

Haitian Girl Looking At A MINUSTAH Tank
Haitian Girl Looking At A MINUSTAH Tank

Recent developments in Haiti has given the UN mission a very bad name. Various sectors in the population are demanding and protesting for MINUSTAH to leave.

Some say MINUSTAH leaving Haiti is a bad idea, others argue that MINUSTAH's annual price tag is enough to build a very effective force for law and order in Haiti.

Brazil and other South American nations are planning a gradual withdrawal plan of MINUSTAH troops from Haiti, 15% they say...

Assuming it is a 15% reduction annually, this is a 7 year plan.

That means MINUSTAH will be in Haiti until 2018.

To stay or not to stay... That is the question...

Hmmmm... What do you tink is the best course of action to take, really???

Should MINUSTAH stay? Should MINUSTAH go?

Immediately? Gradually?

Reply with your comments

Be realistic with your reply... be logical... Oh hell... Speak your mind!

Ban Ki Moon and Edmond Mulet in front of Collapsed Haiti National Palace   UN Soldiers Block access to Hinche Haiti Airport Strip   Hinche Haiti Airport Secured for Presidential Arrival   Cortege President Martelly sou Piste Aeoport Hinche la   Hinche Haiti Airport Perimeter   Aeoport Hinche la Sekirize, President Martelly pwal ateri   UN Sodiers secure Hinche Haiti Airport, President Martelly is coming   MINUSTAH Soldiers Surround Hinche Haiti Airport Awaiting President Martelly's Arrival  

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Nadim Salomon says...

Yes let the Minustah go. It has been an abyssmal failure and responsible of countless abuse.

Hait is an independent counry.

Why do we need the international community blessing?

If the international community really cares, it would stand with us against this incompetent and criminal

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Nadim Salomon says...

The UN occupation of Haiti is a disgrace.

The UN brought cholera and looking atthe video of these sick "men" raping a youg man, I can not understand why
there is not a clamor demanding the immediate departure of the UN. As for their apologists in the New York Times, the UN has been the main source of insecurity in Haiti because insecurity is good for these bastards.

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Colonel La says...

Haiti - Security: Statements of Himmler Rebu on the withdrawal of the Minustah
20/09/2011 09:22:08

Yesterday, Monday, the leader of the Grand Rally for the Evolution of Haiti (GREH), the former colonel Himmler

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Myrtho says...

There is not but or and.once their contract expires, its imperative for those people yo leave Their unacceptable behavior is not welcome anymore.

WERE ARE NOT AT WAR.They feel that when they leave we going to eat fire. we ready to prove them wrong.

So they should go in peace because We have, throughout the years, acquire the wisdom as well as the necessary knowledge to understand that we do not need the international presence to conduct our business.The Minustah can't and will never commit those dishonest acts against any other citizens in the world but the Haitians.

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Bernard says...

They should renew the contract for three more years.

provided that the parliement stops playing games, right now the parliement is the biggest obstacle we have, that is stopping the progress of Haiti.

During those three years the Minustah can train a new army, as we know Haiti can not be without an army, because first: we have a population that still do not understand the meaning of democracy, they think democracy is a license to do anything they want even if it violates other people rights.

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Paul says...

I think that they should leave gradually...because
Our police is not strong enough and trained enough to respond effectively to any situation.

It is said that in Port-au- prince the bad guys have much more powerful weapons than the national police! So if minustah leaves now, without training and arming the national police, the country will be at the mercy of the bad

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Rems Leveille says...

I think yes but before they leave, we need to place camera in the street of Haiti se pa pou suveye Ayitien min se pou mete otorite nan peyi a no bezwen yon jan pou retere vole e kidnaper nan lari nou an if they help us place them and teach us how to use them we can say we are now want to be alone thank

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Sergo Jean says...

Our congress needs to come with a resolution to ask UN and MINUSTAH to leave Haiti now. because this mission cost a lot of money without doing anythings.

Haiti doesn't have security and the problems still there.

I hope the haitian congress not to support that mission anymore or give an approval to stay. If there is a bad things in Haiti MINUSTAH is one of them. US is going at Wars against all the bad in the worlds because of 911.More than 6000 peoples died with cholera because of MINUSTAH.

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Cj says...

Hell yes they need to go NOW. 7 years more for what?

Stop the nonsense the UN job is to see us becoming an instinct Nation.

(Bon Dieu Bon) We can and will take care of our own. With them vagabonds been here we are dying by the thousands.

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