Martelly Chief Of Staff Thierry Mayard Paul Denies Undated Letter Allegations

Haiti Presidential Chief of Staff, Thierry Mayard Paul, had denied allegations that he and Haitian first lady presented Haitian Prime Minister-designate Gary Conille UNDATED resignation letter for him to sign.

Thierry Mayard-Paul

INITE Senator Moise Jean Charles made these allegations in a declaration to Haitian radio Kiskeya.

According to Haiti Libre, Thierry Mayard Paul says that these Hallucination or disinformation is clearly part of a strategy to discredit and destabilize the Head of State.

So... Is this true or false? Did it actually happen?

Well... Senator Moise Jean Charles is a fierce opponent of President Martelly and anything he says will look like an attempe to discredit the president...

What do you think?

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Henry Myrthil says...

pa guin lafimin san dife. meaning: where there is smoke there is fire .So far, president Martelly give me the appearance of a will be

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Bernard says...

We must not jump to conclusions, considering the shenanigans that these guys in the parliement have been involved in, I do not believe anything unless it has been confirmed by the people in charge of the situation.

The question you must ask yourself is, what is the goal in having him sign a resignation letter when he was chosen by the president.

It seems farfetched that the first lady would violate that rule and commit such an

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Joseph Vallon says...

Someone, as a senator must say and do things truth honest.The house senate must not thrusting him in anything he saying.

Senator Moise Jean Charles must resign from his

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Subject: Martelly Chief Of Staff Thierry Mayard Paul Denies Undated Letter Allegations edit

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