SCANDAL - Haiti Prime Minister-Designate Almost Resigned, Sophia Martelly Accused

BREAKING NEWS - Over the weekend, Haitian Prime Minister-designate Gary Conille was so upset that he threatened to quit before even becoming Prime Minister of Haiti. First lady Sophia Martelly's name mentioned as the culprit.

What is that all about???

Supposedly, Gary Conille received a visit from Haitian First lady Sophia Martelly and Thierry Mayard-Paul (Chef Cabinet President Martelly), at his residence, with an UNDATED resignation letter for him to sign.

This supposed letter would give president Martelly the green light to FIRE (revoke) Gary Conille at any time should he become the next prime minister of Haiti.

This is according to a declaration by INITE Senator Moise Jean Charles to Radio Kiskeya minutes ago...

Does such a document exists?

Did Haitian first lady really go to Sophia Martelly really go to Dr. Conille's resident with an undated resignation letter?

President Martelly confirmed to Gary Conille that it does not, according to Radio Kiskeya.

When asked "What is the content of this letter?" Senator Moise Jean Charles says:

"The letter simply says 'Mr. President, thank you for choosing me as Prime Minister, I hearby submit to you this letter of resignation...' But the letter does not have a date on it!"

Listen to the interview, courtesy or Radio Kiskeya

What does this mean for the prime minister approval process?

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Agent-x says...

Agent-X is not thrilled with Martelly political orientation and avowed intentions vis a vis his political opponents.

However, Agent-X believes that the ►►"Thierry Mayard Paul and Haitian first lady presented Haitian Prime Minister-designate Gary Conille UNDATED resignation letter for him to sign."◄ is dubious at best. Whoever concocted this story must have a very low IQ to say the least.


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Belfanm says...

I don't think Moise Charles knows what he's talking about, and as a senator, if he had any decency and respect for his position, he would not engage in hearsay and gossip.

but according to radio caraibes,

thierry mayard paul and patrick rouzier presented an undated resignation letter to the prime minister as an assurance in case he goes against the president, then the president can pull out this letter.

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Patricia says...

I did go through many newspapers and nowhere they mention Mrs Martelly name in the story.are we going to believe any words that coming out of Moise Jean-charles mouth who does not know the difference between the truth and lies. Mr Moise do not have no credibility at all just take a look at his background;even those who do not like the president, have nothing negative to say about Mrs Sophia Martelly.

Please help Haiti move forward, because there is no place and time for nonsense let put our head together to fight for our country.God bless Haiti and God bless the

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Ronald Altieri says...

This rumor is in accordance to a declaration by INITE Senator Moise Jean Charles to Radio Kiskeya, as stated.

Tell me something, has anyone from the Martelly camp commented on this, and what did they say. Has Martelly's Porte Parole, Mr. Jura stated anything at all on this matter?

You see my point! By the way, if inite senator moise told me that he had 10 fingers, i would have to count them 10 times to make sure that he was the case, because lies and voye monte enyin ki gin substance has been part of that group's approach to their political agenda.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Bill Clinton is the boss and Martelly is the assistant, therefore Sofia, any other animal cannot serve any contract or paper to anyone in

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

I strongly believe this is balogny.

If it's so, he should of slapping both of them in their djol.
Remember Michelle ex wife of Jean-claude Duvalier"she ruins Jean Claude.

I hope Sophia is more wise.
:) only Bill Clinton can fire that

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Gabby says...

This makes no sense whatsoever! How do you ask someone to resign a position that is not yet ratified.

Likewise, even if the international community did in fact coerce President Martelly to select Gary as the next PM-designate as had been rumored, he is to witty to reveal his intentions to fire the guy once or if he is ratified.

I'm not buying into

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Myrtho says...

I don't understand the concept behind that letter and the role and function of the First Lady. I have so many burning questions to ask if I may.Why, the First Lady, if it's true, acting as a delivery mail messenger to the Prime Minister?In Haiti, is it common practice for the first lady to pay visits to her husband employees?

I don"t believe that any Commander in Chief would let his wife get involve in such a scandal.

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Jerry Jerome says...

If you are a servant of Christ, you will understand exactly what's going on in Haiti right now. I really don't care how many prime minister Mr. Martelly choose.these parliament will reject anyone, until the right person come along from God himself, for this special position and He!won'have anything to do with either Mr.Martelly, the Parliament, the American Gorvernments or the French Gorvernments.This person will take care of the Haitian people needs instead of himself or the interest of others pocket.

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Sergo Jean says...

I do believe they are sick or maybe they drank too much. I hope one day Haiti will be free from the power of the

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