Lucien Jura, New Porte-Parole for Haiti Martelly Presidency

Joseph Lucien Jura is now the official spokesman for Haiti President Michel Martelly. Lucien Jura is a Haitian journalist and the former news director of Haiti radio Signal FM.

Lucien Jura

Cool choice considering the belief that President Martelly has a problem with the press!

Don't you think?

Herold Israel, communications director of the National Palace, said that the choice of Joseph Lucien Jura responded to the wish expressed by president Michel Martelly during his campaign: the need to create a transparent state. Thus President has called on journalists to complete his communications team. (Source: Le Matin)

Joseph Lucien Jura was officially presented to the press, Monday, September 5, 2011 as the new spokesman (Porte-Parole) for the president in a ceremony at the National Palace.

What is your opinion about Lucien Jura as spokesman for President Martelly?

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Tvpanou says...

pour moi j'ai beaucoup de domoutes a propos de lucien jura, il va bientot se retirer de son position, il va peut etre nomme ambassaseur a

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Tibobo says...

I think is good initiative President Michel Martelly made. The Haitian government need to have a Porte-
Parole to convey the message to the people, this is a positive step toward

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