Our congress needs to come with a resolution to ask UN and...

Sergo Jean - September 14 2011, 10:34 AM

Our congress needs to come with a resolution to ask UN and MINUSTAH to leave Haiti now. because this mission cost a lot of money without doing anythings.

Haiti doesn't have security and the problems still there.

I hope the haitian congress not to support that mission anymore or give an approval to stay. If there is a bad things in Haiti MINUSTAH is one of them. US is going at Wars against all the bad in the worlds because of 911.More than 6000 peoples died with cholera because of MINUSTAH.

I think we do not need to be slaves of anybody anymore because our land is free from them longtime ago.The Haitian people needs to come with a plan of security for Haiti not UN or MINUSTAH.

Haiti become unsafe because of them, people doesn't know where to go when somethings happen even we Have a congress or a president.

I do believe now Haiti look like a place for some group to make more money in the name of the Haitian people.

Thanks for the help MINUSTAH we will take care of the rest.

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