The UN occupation of Haiti is a disgrace. The UN brought...

Nadim Salomon - September 22 2011, 1:23 PM

The UN occupation of Haiti is a disgrace.

The UN brought cholera and looking atthe video of these sick "men" raping a youg man, I can not understand why
there is not a clamor demanding the immediate departure of the UN. As for their apologists in the New York Times, the UN has been the main source of insecurity in Haiti because insecurity is good for these bastards.

Everytime the UN mandate come from renewal we hear about gangs and insecurity.

That the UN could not help train 20,000 policemen in more than 10 years is proof that it a lazzy, incompetent, and criminal organization.

Any Haitian who cooperates with the UN should be considered guilty of treason.

With the current economic crisis, it is time to defund this parasitic organization.

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