Haiti Presidential Inauguration Will Be Held At Collapsed Palace Grounds!

Michel Martelly will be sworn in as President of Haiti in front of the ruins of the National Palace. Even the Te Deum that is usually held at the Cathedral of Port-au-Prince has been moved to the palace grounds.

Haiti National Palace - Preparation For Martelly Inauguration

Haiti is in ruins... This is a sad reminder!

As you may already know, Cathedrale Notre-Dame de L'Assomption, also known as Port-au-Prince Cathedral, collapsed during the earthquake.

Usually, the presidential Te Deum is a moment to remember. This year, it will be memorable indeed, but in a different way...

Champs-De-Mars, Haiti's Central Park, is a mess, a shantytown!

Champs-De-Mars, which is usually filled with spectators dress for the occasion, has been a tent city since the January 2010 earthquake...

It still is!

While this is a day of celebration and a historic moment in Haitian History, it will be interesting to see the reaction in the face of all the former Haitian leaders, invited to attend the ceremony, who once call the National Palace their home.

This inauguration itself is a reminder of how heavy the load will be on the back of our incoming president, Michel Martelly, and everyone in charge of rebuilding our nation.

If you think about it, the president will be leading Haiti from a TENT...

It's bigger, it's more elaborate, but... Still a tent!

What are you thinking about? share it with us...

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Miejo says...

I hope to have you as member of Ferol Bourguignon foundation siege social Lavallee Jacmel, we need books and school supplies for the children that will have to go back to school in august...

Let us pray for return home of all the Haitian, and I hope that you go to sleep each night and wake up each morning with two things in your mine:1- what can I do for a child in Haiti?

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Jean Mirville says...

With the right plan, unity among the elected officials, patience from the people, and support from our friends ; it can be done. Even if we have to start from a tent. If there's ever a time to apply the "l'union fait la force" attitude, it is

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Josy says...

It will be OK as long as we remember a few things: 1) President Martelly is a man, and cannot walk on water.

2) We did not get in such terrible shape overnight, and it cannot be fixed overnight either.

3) The president cannot do it all, and we all need to get involved in the new Haiti.

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Harold Fleurine says...

I wish you good wheel, Mr.le president you will be blessing by the lord almity if you seaking help from jesus.

Always following the good example from the king of David psaume 51,because you are already and example to the world right now.Keep doing hwat you are doing without intimidations god will help you a long the way.Good lack god bless you and you

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Cj says...

For my country, our nation sakes I hope you are correct in your statement.

After the emotion of the moment is gone and the historical said. I pray that the president of Haiti and his team go to sleep each night and wake up each morning with two things in mind rebuilt beyond expectation and provide to many as possible the basic needs to restore dignity to our countrymen and women so desperately needed.

In God We Trust and In Unity We

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Kelvin Scoon says...

President Martelly is making a statement at his inauguration among the ruins.

He is assuming commend of his country at a difficult time. It is also a promise and a point of comparison for when his term ends.
Haiti needs him to

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