List of BIG NAMES From The Haitian Diaspora In Haiti For The Inaugural!

The Haitian Diaspora is very well represented in this year's Presidential inauguration in Haiti. There are many BIG NAMES from the Haitian Diaspora presently in Haiti for the inaugural of President Michel Martelly. Here are a few names we know of...

  • Edwin Paraison - Haiti's minister of Haitians living abroad
  • Jean Monestime - The first-ever Haitian commissioner appointed in Miami-Dade Florida
  • Lionel Jean-Baptiste - Haitian-American Attorney and appointed Judge of the 9th Sub circuit court of the City of Evanston Illinois.
  • Mayor Andre Pierre - Haitian-American Mayor of the city of North Miami, Florida
  • Deputy Mayor Joseph Anthony Desmaret - Deputy Mayor of the village of Spring Valley New York
  • Bernier Lauredan, MD - Chairman and chief executive officer of the United Caribbean African Alliance (UCCA), co-founder and current Chairman of the Board of The Haitian League, member of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Medical Association, and New York and New Jersey Academies of Medicine.
  • Major Joseph Bernadel - Retired Haitian-American U.S Army Major, former Military Attache in Haiti, co-founder of Toussaint L'Ouverture High School for Arts and Social Justice (TLHS), an innovative charter high school in Delray Beach Florida
  • Colonel Joseph E. Baptiste, DDS - Haitian-American Colonel in the US Army Reserve, President and co-founder of the Haitian Diaspora Federation, Chief of Dental Services at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC, Chairman of the National Organization for the Advancemant of Haitians (NOAH)
  • Dumarsais Simeus - 2005 Haiti Presidential Candidate, Successful Haitian-American businessman, founder and Chairman of Simeus Foods International, Inc., one of the largest Haitian-owned and black-owned businesses in the world, located in Mansfield, Texas

Yeah... You can say it... WOWWWWWW.... LOL...

These are just a few of the names we know of, I am sure there many more....

Who else do you know off? Let us know!

In a official press release, President-elect Michel Martelly called on the Haitian Diaspora to organize themselves so that their contribution to Haiti can be more efficient economically and socially.


Are you aware of any other VIPs in Haiti for the Inaugural?

How do you feel about what is happening in Haiti now and the involvement of the Haitian Diaspora?

Are you one of those pessimists out there who still believe that there are no leaders in the Haitian Diaspora?

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Garry Destin says...

time to get back to personel lives.

Coupe with

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Neg Maron says...


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Ben says...

Thank you for your answsed
I will be extremely Happy if our new President change the mentality of Haitian and establish a country of Law an oder, have a strong Justice DEPT AND Haiti will once again
prosper at all level.

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Leonel Henry says...

For me, this is the real time to be together and to start working together.

I am optimistic about Haiti, one day, everybody will talk good about Haiti.

First, let's stop corruptions in all Government offices, but we must start with the New President Mr. Michel Marteley.

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Tony Marchese says...

I have been trying to reach my friend Francois Benoit.

Would you happen to know how I can reach him.

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Leika says...

The only thing I would like to say or advise is asking to all our country's barrier to give a little chance to HAITI because we need and gotta move, please.

Therefore if you want it you can do it. Let's start upon this

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Tiba says...

One of Haiti's barriers to advancement and progress is the politics and mentality of "EXCLUSION."
Haitians are too "PROTECTIONISTS and TERRITORIAL." Whe a country like Haiti, which doesn't produce anything and without an economy, Haiti would need to use the path of inclusivity where everybody on the planet including its sons and daughters by allowing them access to establish in Haiti in whatever capacity in order to strengthening the economy, bring the country to progress, and creating and modern society.

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Wisley Beaubrun Charles says...

Mwem pa kwe Michel Martelly gen ase lespri pou'l dirije peyi-a, men si'l pa egoyis menm jan ak Aristid.

li pran bon konseye internasyonal avek li. Mwen kwe l'ap ka mennen peyi-a nan bon

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Ben says...

I like to ask them what they have done for Haiti Lately.

I am sure if our new President does not change the mentally of Haitian those big name will be fade to history and the new President will be alone at the

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Cj says...

It is not a secret there are many of our fellow country men and women who are the topnotch in their career of choice who reside overseas.

From my experience in my career, which keeps me on the go if I encounter an Asian person there also I will find an Haitian.

We are diverse, successful, passionate, strong, committed and creative.

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