All Haiti Catholic Churches Will Hold Mass At 9am Today!

At 9 a.m. Haiti time, this Friday, all of the Haiti's Catholic Churches are scheduled to hold a Mass in honor of President elect Michel Martelly.

Catholic Church - The New Cathedral In Hinche Haiti

Later in the afternoon, there will be Protestant services followed by a prayer revival and concert on the Champ de Mars for tens of thousands of quake victims.

Source: Miami Herald

Are you ready for the Inauguration of President Martelly?

What do you think about this?

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Hinche Haiti - In front of the old Catholic church, getting ready for Fête patronale de Hinche   Saut-d'Eau Waterfall Haiti - Tourist attractions, places to visit when in Haiti   Haitians in Church Praising the Lord   The old Catholic church In Hinche Haiti, this is the oldest cathedral in Island   Haitian Students waiting for the Bus - Hinche Haiti   Chibly Langlois, First Haitian Roman Catholic CARDINAL   Louis Kebreau - Haitian Catholic Bishop   Catholic Church - The New Cathedral In Hinche Haiti  

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Ame Reflection About The says...

In view of national union and ballance of spiritual powers, should not the lwa be remembered, and Max Beauvoir, to assure working with the right hand, and amending abuses of power
And what says the voice of the Grand Orient of

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Josy says...

It is about time that we invite GOD to Haiti, and he does not attend uninvited.

We need revival in the country, and need to clean up our acts. GOD is jealous, so you cannot serve other gods while you are serving him and Haitians do it all the time. They say we are 90% Christians, and 100% vodooists.

President Joseph Michel Martelly needs a lot of prayers, and we should fast. I am Haitian, and know they are going to kill me with black magic.

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Jean Pierre Duval says...

Mr Claude je cois que c est pas le moment.

en nou bay peyi ia on chance, nou toujou ap pale de pasport americain canadien et latriye min nou tojou we decision final la ce blanc ki toujou pran l, paske li ta samble ke chromosome ki bay bagay ki rele caracteur ya politicien traditionnel haitien

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Jaco says...

Ti fre, ale kaka. Michel Martelly President tout ayitien.

Ba li yon

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Carlos says...

Mwen panse neg ki di'l se psychologue lan, li fou paske ou negatif trop monche, bay peyi an yon chans ou we koman prezidan Michel vle yon chanjeman pou peuple lan poukisa ou pa cheche mete tet nou ansann ak li pou bay bon konsey o lye ke wap plede voye toya nou pa bezwen bagay sa yo anko nou vle inite non divisyon, jann de bagay sa yo pap ka fe nou avanse nan

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Winer says...

monsieur Henri Claude va te faire foutre si t'as riens de serieux a dire va te brosser les

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Psychologue Henri-claude says...

Les Dirigeants

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Yvette Duverge says...


I love it, love it, love it. When God is first in everything that we do we will surely have success.

this is truly the best beginning.

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Joyce says...

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Ann Jerry Jerome says...

I strongly disagree with the Catholic system and also some of the protestants ideal on things that matter to God.yes!it is true what the bible say about religions, but our father who's name is Jesus Christ, never said for anyone of His children to follow religions or the will of men.only the will of the father, the son and the holly spirit.that's the bottom

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