Goodbye Rene Preval, Hello President Michel Martelly

Finally, today is the day... After 20 years of Preval and Aristide, Musician Joseph Michel Martelly will be sworn in as President of the Republic of Haiti.

Michel Martelly Inauguration

At 8am, Haiti time, Michel Martelly will be Sworn in...

At 11:30am, Haiti time, President Michel Martelly will address the nation...

Watch It Live On BelPolitik!

President Martelly announced on his facebook page that the event will be LIVE on the Internet.

As soon as the feed become available, we will broadcast it live on

Rete Branche!


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Jim says...

Jynee, thank you and I agree with all your observations regarding the Haitian reality.

Martelly has been able to politically capitalize also on the Lavalas base, the very poor of Haiti, with his concrete promises.

As long he is able to deliver, even in part, that base will not return to Lavalas.

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Ray 99839 says...


Thanks for the book tip and your update on Lavalas and Preval.

I will get the book and read

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Jynee says...


you seem to genuinely care for Haiti.

May I suggest you also read, "Notes from the Last Testament: The Struggle for

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Ray Wahl says...


Thanks for your response.

I don't agree with it. I have recently read Peter Hallward's book, Damming the Flood, Haiti and the politics of Containment.

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Elizabeth Faraone says...

If he puts an end to the sweatshops, consults wit Aristide for guidance, puts the priorities of the neediest first, then he will be successful.

Let's see what he

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Elizabeth Faraone says...

I hope Aristide will run in the next election.

He is my favorite of all the leaders of

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Elizabeth Faraone says...

Although I am not familiar with Michel Martelly, it appears that he is intelligent, ethical and creative and will not fail to lift Haiti from its depth of oppression.

I am optimistic and happy.

I give him a big hug and kiss. And I wait patiently for the government of the US to become ethical, intelligent and creative and hope that it will not interfere with Haiti's progress, as it so often has in the past. I love

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Jim says...

This is total nonsense and both Ray and company should be challenged regarding Martelly on the notion that he is a US puppet and, then the exclusion of Lavalas.

Ray, you do not have a iotas of proof regarding the puppet allegation.

To you, anyone that deals with the US amicably or share the market economy perspective must be manipulated.

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Josy says...

President Joseph Michel Martelly remains the same, and he proved it again today.

His speech was short, and he ended it with a song. I also believe this is the first time in our history a president used a tele prompter, and he is trying to bring us to the 21st century.

Congrats Mr. President, and we are very proud of you.

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Rb says...

This is non sense.

Only in Haiti can you bar or prevent a well loved party from being in an election for fear they would win.
Well it's a firm declaration to show you that Haiti is not a country for the low struggling class helper or lover but a country for the ones with dictator and criminal for

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