Haiti : Ex-Senator Moise Jean-Charles Determined to Overthrow President Martelly

Former Haiti opposition senator Moise Jean Charles wants nothing more than to forcibly remove President Martelly from power... His platform pitit Desalin is determined to get rid of Martelly even though there is less than a year left on Martelly's term...

Haiti President Martelly - Senator Moise Jean Charles

KREYOL: Haiti - ex Senatè Moise Jean-Charles di li detèmine pou li jete President Martelly... Moise anonse manifestation ki pwal fèt komanse lòt semèn... Fok Martelly ale, se sa senatè a vle... Kisa-w panse de sa?

"Martelly symbolizes the big imperialist countries," Moise Jean Charles says, "we have to mobilize and overthrow him..."

What do you think about that?

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Regina says...

Moise Jn. charles ou paka controle payi ya, ou tou led, tou grangou, ou bezwen vole lajan pep la ti monnen yo baou ya gen pou li fini al mete mouda ou yon konte et si tout fwa ou ta president mwen tap tou rele ammoueeeeee salop sale sa ap kontamine payi

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Dj Love says...

Moise jean charles is crazy and has no objectives for

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Simo says...

I can't see this idiot I wish someone shot it

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Bonito says...

He may have a

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Ed says...

He is an

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Garry says...

What is Martelly?

That fn

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Patrick Princivil says...

Chien sa a rékòmansé nan bouda moun ankò poukisa yo pa fout touyé salòp

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Candy says...

And Mr. Jean-Charles represents belligerence, immaturity, lack of self-control, and incapacity to lead anything but violence.

Haitian people, do NOT let him have a voice.

Media, do NOT let him have a voice.

No manifestation is successful without participation.

simple as

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Jimmy says...

Moise jn Cheval need to get a life lavalas

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