Haiti President Martelly - Senator Moise Jean Charles

Haiti President Martelly - Senator Moise Jean Charles

Haiti President Martelly - Senator Moise Jean Charles

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Michel Martelly should press charges against Moise Jn Charles, journalist said (AUDIO)

Days after shots were fired at the carnival float of ex president Michel Martelly in Cap Haitien, opposition leader Moise Jn Charles made a...

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"It would be best if we could put together a transitory council this week, a council that will work on a plan for the ordered departure of Jovenel...

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Haiti Elections Update -- Senator Moise Jean Charles announced he will officially open his presidential campaign Sunday, 27 Sept. 2015 in the city...

Haiti : Ex-Senator Moise Jean-Charles Determined to Overthrow President Martelly

Former Haiti opposition senator Moise Jean Charles wants nothing more than to forcibly remove President Martelly from power... His platform pitit...

Haiti - Senator Moise Jean Charles says Martelly is NEXT to Follow Prime Minister Lamothe Resignation

"The Resignation of Prime Minister Laurent does not surprise us because he WILL NOT BE the only to resign, President Martelly is next," Haitian...

UPDATE: Haiti Manifestation 18 Nov 2015 - Kèk Manifestan deklare apre KEP a Yo pwale Peguy Ville LAKAY Martelly

Denye Nouvel... Haiti, 18 Novembre, Kèk manifestan deklare apre yo finn debake devan Konsey Ekeltoral (KEP) a, Yo pwale Peguy Ville LAKAY...

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