Haiti and Dominican Republic begins a new Dialogue in Guatemala

Haitian and Dominican diplomats are in Guatemala to attend the 45th SICA Summit and will take this opportunity to sit down and talk about the problems facing the two neighboring countries...

President Michel Martelly & President Danilo Medina

Haitian Foreign Minister Duly Brutus is scheduled to meet with Dominican foreign minister Andrés Navarro who says his country does not intend to break diplomatic relations with Haiti.

The head of the Dominican diplomaticy requests to the Haitian authorities a guarantee on the security of their diplomats on Haitian soil before reopening its consulates in Haiti.

About SICA...

The Central American Integration System (Spanish: Sistema de la Integración Centroamericana, or SICA) is the economic and political organization of Central American states.

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Proud To Be Haitian says...

At least I make you laugh what about you?

You can't handle the truth; you get so defensive and throwing shit all over the place to distract the true. Dominicans known as the most people with audacity on this planet, and you prove that. You claim to be an intellectual and the only thing you prove time after time is the most stupid individual.

I am not paraphrasing or copy pasting like you. If I can be a taxi driver that mean I'm driving well educated people around to hear about international politic from them. You stupid Ricart Dominican negro.

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Proud To Be Haitian says...

@negro Ricart, you sound more a taxi driver than I am. Furthermore, you don't even have the quality to be an intelligent taxi driver to get the passager to the right place stupid.

Also, your response is showing how stupid you are as of this time Haiti is not a fail state although during Aristide and Preval I would agree to that. Stupid.

Again, you keep showing your stink ass like you know shit but in reality you nothing but a piece of shit people forgot to flushed in a public restroom.

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Ricart says...

@Proud To Be Haitian

ha ha ha, thanks for the laugh, negro! Your crass ignorance and irascibility amuses me.

It is hilarious that a citizen of a god-awfully destitute and failed state (Haiti), that is filled with blacks who are responsible for its failure, is trying to school me on real government and real politicians.

I suggest that you do not quit your day job (taxi driver on Miami Beach), because international politic is not your

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Proud To Be Haitian says...

@Ricart and you do not want the Haitian to remind you that you are not white.

You can call me negro all you want, and I will call you a former slalve and a Dominican negro because Dominicans are not white.

Stupid get that to your

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Proud To Be Haitian says...

@Ricart a Dominican negro, you are the one that need to shut your stupid stk dogy mouth.

You don't know shit and pretending to know it all with your pnk ass Dominica negro.

What do you know about politic?

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Ricart says...

@Proud To Be Haitian

Negro, do you ever stop talking shit about things you don't know nothing about?

You are nothing but a turd with a wise ass mouth.

Too bad your mom forgot to flush the toilet when she had

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Proud To Be Haitian says...

This matter should be a referendum to see how the Haitian people feel about reopen that embassy; I am sure that the Haitian people would vote no. Enough is

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Proud To Be Haitian says...

What about the Haitian, Dominican authorities need to guarantee the safety of the Haitian in DR too or keep that shit closed forever, and that would be the best thing for Haiti.

Haiti don't need DR for nothing because DR is not helping Haiti grow in anything although Haiti is helping DR in everything: stupid Haitian keep going there, send their kids to school there, buying bunch of shits from DR, etc etc...and all we get is mistreatment.

Fk DR keep that shit

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Jeanjean Sou Facebook says...

tout se rans, sak pwoblem lan moun ki pral chita yo, pi fo' ladan yo pa konnen l, nou ka pase tout tan ap dialogue ki pa janm debouche sou anyen, se sak lan tet dominiken an poun ta chanje

se domag nou pa janm kapab, mit okipasyon nou te bayo a, 2 manman koze a se nou menm ki pou chanje mantal nou, chanje lakay nou, pagen anyen kap mache byen lakay nou, koman lot mn pral respekte nou.

yo fenk kare koupe tet nou. yo fen kare pouse do nou. yo fenk kare fe' nou tout sa yo konnen ki pa

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