Haiti : Fanmi LAVALAS Senator calls the New Haitian Army a bunch of Outlaws

Haitian Senator Nenel Cassy of the Lavalas party calls the newly reformed Haitian army outlaws (hors la loi) promises to demobilize this army...

The Haitian Armed Forces - Les Forces Armées d'Haiti
The Haitian Armed Forces - Les Forces Armées d'Haiti

This army does not respect the democratic precepts, the Fanmi Lavalas senator said, according to a recent article from Loop Haiti.

Senator Nenel Cassy promises to demobilize this army which is not democratic, he said, and which in the past has brought tears in the eyes of the Haitian people.

Haiti Senator Nenel Cassy - Fanmi Lavalas

Keep in mind... President Jean Bertrand Aristide of the Fanmi Lavalas party is the one who disbanded the Haitian army after he returned from exile in retaliation for its role in a 1991 coup that removed him from power.

Do you think a Fanmi Lavalas Senator will ever approve of a newly reformed military by a president that Lavalas is opposed to?

Haut Etat-Major de la nouvelles Forces Armée d'Haiti

What do you think about that?

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Femme Lacaye says...

Shame on you lavalas! Shame on you, shame on you, shame on you. Haiti is belong to all Haitians not only one man to satisfy its greed.

Shame on you again...

Army all the way bravo President Jovenel I love

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Marie Nadine Pierre says...

Jah and Jahnes love. Fanmi Lavalas should NEVER approve of an Army which is reconstituted by a Party to which they are opposed.

I consider Fanmi Lavalas to be a Party of hope and promise, they seem to have the best in mind and heart for Ayiti's people.

And I for one want Ayiti to have an army similar to the Armee Indigene which fought for our liberty against the European Colonialists/Slaveholders.

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Haiti Nouvelles says...

Men Nouvel...

Yon senatè Lavalas deklare nouvo Forces Armée d'Haiti a se yon bann Hors la Loi, li di lap demobilize yo

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Subject: Haiti : Fanmi LAVALAS Senator calls the New Haitian Army a bunch of Outlaws edit

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