Haiti Military : Fanmi Lavalas should NEVER approve of an Army reconstituted by a party to which they are opposed

Marie Nadine Pierre - April 3 2018, 4:22 PM

Jah and Jahnes love. Fanmi Lavalas should NEVER approve of an Army which is reconstituted by a Party to which they are opposed.

I consider Fanmi Lavalas to be a Party of hope and promise, they seem to have the best in mind and heart for Ayiti's people.

And I for one want Ayiti to have an army similar to the Armee Indigene which fought for our liberty against the European Colonialists/Slaveholders.

So, I am with Senator Nenel Cassy on this issue.

And, I am thankful that he has spoken out against this MAKKOUT ARME

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