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Home of Fanmi Lavalas' Pasha Vorbe attacked by armed bandits Sunday

Haitian political party Fanmi Lavalas is complaining because armed bandits attacked the home of Pasha Vorbe, one of the top leaders. more »

Kidnapped Haiti Depute released after paying USD $40,000 ransom money

Haiti depute Sinal Bertrand Kidnapped in the night of Thursday, February 20th in Delmas 65, Lavalas Depute Sinal Bertrand was released after painf a hefty sum to his kidnappers more »

Haiti opposition still divided over what to do should President Jovenel resign

Haiti: Fanmi Lavalas di yo PA rekonèt Jovenel Moise kom prezidan peyi a The opposition in Haiti made an attempt to come up with a unanimuos decision over who should replace President Jovenel Moise if and when he decides to submit his resignation but that didn't happen. Fanmi Lavalas is opposed. more »

Haiti Politics: Aristide secretly wanted Jovenel Moise to be president (VIDEO)

Assad Volcy, President Jovenel Moise, Jean Bertrand Aristide Can you believe this? Ex Lavalas president Jean Bertrand Aristide secretly wanted Jovenel Moise to become the next president of Haiti, NOT Moise Jean Charles, not even Maryse Narcisse, the Lavalas candidate in the past elections. This may come as a surprise to you but it is straight from the mouth Assad Volcy. Watch the video... more »

Haiti : Fanmi Lavalas will NOT negotiate, they want President Jovenel to resign, and more!

Haiti: Fanmi Lavalas di yo PA rekonèt Jovenel Moise kom prezidan peyi a While Haitian prime minister Jean Henry Ceant is taking about political dialogue, Jean Bertrand Aristide's LAVALAS party makes is clear, they are not interested in a negotiation. Fanmi Lavalas wants a Tabula Rasa, president, prime minister, and parliament, all gone! more »

Haiti - Fanmi LAVALAS wants to overthrow President Jovenel Moise on 18 November

Haiti Elections - President Aristide di Pep la VOTE Maryse Narcisse Chavire Chodyè a, this is the new slogan Fanmi LAVALAS has just come up with to mean get rid of president Jovenel Moise and his government by any means necesary. more »

Edo Zenny explains why President Jovenel Moise is "inclupe" - Lavalas did that to Jovenel, he said

Senator Evaliere Beauplan vs President Jovenel Moise President Jovenel Moise is indicted (inclupé, as the Haitian oppositio likes to say) and that was done specifically to kick him out of the presidential race, former Haitian senator Edwin Zenny said. more »

Haiti: LAVALAS is behind PetroCaribe and stealing movement from Petro Challengers, ex senator said

Ex Senator Edo Zenny and Dimitri Vorbe The PetroCaribe Challenge which started out as a non political movement is slowly becoming a political movement to get rid of President Jovenel Moise. LAVALAS is behind it, ex senator Edo Zenny said. more »

Haiti Opposition: Schiller Louidor of Fanmi Lavalas in court to answer questions

PHOTO : Schiller Louidor Reve Maryse Narcisse President UPDATE: Haiti Fanmi Lavalas opposition leader Schiller Louidor is in court today at Parquet de Port-au-Prince to answer the questions of government commissioner Ocname Clamé Daméus, . more »

Fanmi Lavalas' Louis Gerald Gilles decided to step away from politics

Haitian political activist and Lavalas front man Louis Gerald Gilles announced he is taking a break from politics. While he does intend to retire in politics, Louis Gerald Gilles is a break to better situate himself. more »