Haiti Elections - Mirlande Manigat says she Supports the G8, Yes to Government of Transition, She is Ready

Haiti Elections Update - RDNP political party leader Mirlande Manigat says she Supports the G8 in their decision to propose Government of Transition... Madame Manigat who was already "en Reserve de la Republique" says she is ready to help out...

Haiti Caricature - Mirlande Manigat Domi REVE li President de la Republique

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Cheria says...

@Creole--with all due respect, please tell me why you love Jude C so much?

What is his plan for Haiti?

Why didn't he ever show up for any debates?

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Duval says...

Ala ti granmoune kap vire papa ..pouki sa li pa chita on kote .ooooh moun mele ak moun fou sa yo wi

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Creole06 says...

LOL Cheria.

Sweet micky is more duvalierist than Duvalier himself.

I don't want Madame Manigat nor Jovenel bannann.

Jude Celestin should be the next president or we should deal the whole deck of cards, again.


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Turenne Jean-francois says...

On devrait ouvrir une parenthèse dans la constitution pour ces gens qui veulent avoir leurs noms dans l'histoire d'Haiti; Nommé les tous (G8)Président Honoraire de la République pour 1.5 mois chacun, mais avant de les confier le mandat, ils devront tous signer une lettre de démission après leur temps et ensuite quitter le pays pour ne plus y revenir.


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Cheria says...

that has always been her wish...if she cannot legitimately win the presidency, then burn the house down and crown her temporarily...just give her the damn title even if it is for a day! we need these people exterminated from Haiti...they are a cancer with maggots eating at the soul of Haiti, preventing it from progressing...the like of manigat will always opt for the same ole same ole way of doing things...I just don't these this lady ever even holding hands with a peasant, let alone hug them like Martelly and Jovenel does...get rid of these pariahs now!!

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Patrick Princivil says...

Pigs G8 la fouré madanm nan nan malpwòpté yo.

Sé pa menm fason sa a yo té sèvi ak foto Jean Bertrand Aristide pou té kriyé fò Prézidan Martelly alé.

Konbyen ladan yo ki dèyè Marise Narcisse Jodi

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Subject: Haiti Elections - Mirlande Manigat says she Supports the G8, Yes to Government of Transition, She is Ready edit

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