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Mirlande Manigat explains why Gracia Delva will not go prison while he is Senator of Haiti

Senator Gracia delva Live on the Radio Senator Gracia Delva has been accused of kidnapping in Haiti but former presidential Candidate Mirlande Manigat explains why he will never spend one minute in prison even after he is no longer Senator of the Republic. more »

What does it mean to have Immunity as a Senator or Depute in Haiti? Mirlande Manigat explains

"As as Senator or Depute in Haiti your immediate space (car, home, office) cannot be violated. The police cannot enter these spaces because you have immunity," Mirlande Manigat explained, but this is just one part of the immunity of a member of Haitian Parliament. more »

Mirlande Manigat cries insecurity in Haiti, no one is safe, after gunmen shoot Eric Jn Baptiste

Eric Jn Baptiste and Mirlande Manigat Listen to this audio... Mirlande Manigat reacts after armed gunmen opened fire on Eric Jean Baptiste, Pere Eternal, the current secretary general of RDNP Monday morning. Listen to his AUDIO... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Eric Jn Baptiste elected Secretary General of Manigat's RDNP Political Party

Eric Jn Baptiste and Mirlande Manigat Former presidential candidate Eric Jn-Baptiste has just been elected Secretary General of RDNP, Mirlande Manigat's Political Party. more »

SCOOP : Eric Jn Baptiste wants to lead RDNP, Mirlande Manigat's Political Party

Eric Jn Baptiste and Mirlande Manigat When you think about the RDNP political party in Haiti you think Lesly Manigat and Mirlande Manigat... The next leader of RDNP may soon be Eric Jn Baptiste, the former candidate for president and Pere Eterenel Loto PDG... more »

Haiti Transition - Mirlande Manigat DECLINE Invitation to Participate in President Privert Interim Government

Haiti Caricature - Mirlande Manigat Domi REVE li President de la Republique Haiti Transition Update -- Mirlande Manigat was invited to participate in the interim government led by president Jocelerme Privert but she declined the invitation, after she was NOT chosen to as Prime Minister... more »

Haiti Politics - Prime Minister Candidate List Reduced to 3

Haiti PM Evans Paul and PM Laurent Lamothe in Miami Haiti provisional president Jocelerme Privert was supposed to designate a new Prime Minister Wednesday but instead only a narrowed down list possible prime ministers was released to the media by source from the National Palace. more »

FLASH: Haiti - Shots Fired at Mirlande Manigat's Office

Breaking News - Haiti - We have just been informed that the RDNP office of Madame Mirlande Manigat has been shot at by unknown individuals... Madame Manigat is a candidate for Prime Minister in Haiti for the transition period... more »

Haiti - Does Jovenel Moise Stand a Chance with Mirlande Manigat as Prime Minister?

Mirlande Manigat - Jovenel Moise QUESTION: Do you think Jovenel Moise has a change of becoming Haiti's next president with Mirlande Manigat as Prime Minister? Everyone in Haiti is talking about who will be the next Prime Minister, many are saying Mirlande Manigat would be a great Prime Minister except: Madame Manigat is NOT NEUTRAL, she is on the side of the opposition... more »

Haiti - Andre Michel Proposes Mirlande Manigat as Transition Prime Minister

Haiti Transition Update --- Andre Michel's Platform JISTIS met with new Provisional president Jocelerme Privert at the National Palace Tuesday and propose Madame Mirlande Manigat as the next Prime Minister of Haiti... more »