Haiti Elections - PM Evans Paul wants to Meet with Jude Celestin

Haiti Elections Update -- Prime minister Evans Paul wants a meeting with Candidate for President Jude Celestin and he does not care if Jude shows up with the entire group of 8 protesting presidential candidates (G8)

PM Evans Paul and CEP Opont Caricature
PM Evans Paul and CEP Opont Caricature

Former Senator Anacasis Jean Hector said there is not way Jude Celestin will meet with the prime minister with the the presence of the G8

Evans Paul told Haitian newspaper Le Nouvelliste:

"I think the government needs to listen to all the claims (revendication. We are ready to meet with candidate Jude Celestin who is qualified for the second round of the presidential elections. We recognize the right of Mr. Célestin to be accompanied others (militans) who are with him."

What do you think about that?

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Cheria says...

The international community has Haitian Saga Fatigue...if that was not the case, I would love for FRANCE, CANADA AND USA to send their own professionals handle the rounds of elections on 12/27/2015, with zero INSIDER HAITIAN fingerprints on it. No Haitian can be trusted with fairness/justice because we are pre-wired for lies and deception! Even then, Jude Celestin would still say the international community stole the vote from him! What

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Cheria says...

The biggest mistake of Jude Celestin's life is that gang of terrorist he joined!! Jude Celestin doesn't have the stomach for politics.

He thinks he should win at all cost and he is afraid of true competition.

Losing a competition is too much for him. All Haitians feel that way, hence this standstill.

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Duval says...

Ti Jude mele tete li .nan al foure kol nan Gang 8..Ni jude ni Anacacis c 2 gro kretin .Yo pa kwe nan pep.yo plis kwe nan mal pou wont politik kap veye et ki ap fer kou..Donc nou mele tou

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