atCreole--with all due respect, please tell me why you love...

Cheria - December 2 2015, 2:46 PM

@Creole--with all due respect, please tell me why you love Jude C so much?

What is his plan for Haiti?

Why didn't he ever show up for any debates?

Why do I get the eery feeling that you want to crown Jude Celestin just because you feel it is his turn?

I understand you may have a problem with Martelly, but JOvenel Moise is a clean candidate with zero blood on his hands, unlike Jude Celestin and the Duclona/Preval fiasco which probably cost him the 2010 election (but it is easier to blame it on Martelly-the superior campaigner).

Not only is JOvenel MOise clean, he has put forth a convincing/progressive plan for Haiti.

Morevoer, Jovenel Moise can prove his accomplishments.

He proves you do not need to be President to do good for yourself, your fellow "paysans" and the country.

He is campaigning like an American professional by laying out his vision to all people of Haiti and the diaspora with the hopes of earning their votes.

I really want to understand why we are so stuck on Martelly who is on his way out and can't come up with one worthy critique against Jovenel Moise or one good reason why that vote should go to Jude Celestin?

Are we determined as Haitians to select vs elect our leaders time and time again?

PHTK is newly formed.

Martelly was not voted in under PHTK. What do you propose to do with the votes of the peasants (the real Haitians) who got up to cast their votes and so far appear to have chosen Jovenel Moise?

There is no doubt in my mind that the election was mired in fraud, but NEWFLASH people because if the good ole USA has election fraud, a certain level of fraud is to be expected in crap hole like Haiti.

Tha so called fraud affeccted all parties and there has been no evidence to suggest that the fraud favored Jovenel Moise over anyone else. I would wager that Jovenel Moise suffered more because a whopping 67% went to 53 candidates where only about 4 or 5 were actually viable and the other couldn't even make up 10% of the vote.

Look, if you all feel so strongly, then have the dummy Jude Celestin convince the other G7 CRABS to support him and campaign for him for the number one spot. In that way, my guy Jovenel Moise will be blown out of the water.

I am all for fair competition and believe me, no one trust CEP (created by the very same people who are screaming fraud).

How is it when Lamothe got kicked out, CEP was good, but now that your guy is number 2 and not crowned king outright, Martelly must have stolen the vote?

I want to be fair, so help me out...

Avec respe...

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LOL Cheria. Sweet micky is more duvalierist than...

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