Haiti - Elections is the HOTTEST Topic in the Air These Days

Elections in Haiti at the end of the year is the HOTTEST topic on the air since the end of Carnaval des Fleurs Tuesday... Will there be any elections in October? The Executive says YES... The Opposition says Hell NO... What do you say?

Haiti Elections Delayed

Many many months ago, The Haitian political leaders sat down together at El Rancho and signed an agreement to hold elections in October 2014.

It's been months and STILL, Despite the long and disputed formation of the Electoral Council (CEP), the Senate of the Republic has not been able to come together to sigh the electoral law (Loi Electoral) necessary to hold the elections...

Now... Here is the funny part... I am still hearing people talking on Haitian radio talking about more Dialogue, Grand Debat, more talks, all TALKS and NO ACTION...

SO the question is... October is around the corner... Will there be elections this October?

What do you think?

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Patrick Princivil says...

They know they didn't stand on anything maybe they are shy to go in the election.

Kité cantik pran priyè: candida Lavalas ak MOPOD Unité ak po gren-n yo ak po bòbòt ak po gen-n yo en Haiti kisa yap vi-n pèp Haitien ak diaspora, yo fèt pou yo ta ofri nou yon program ki pi avancé ké Prézidan Martelly ak Lamothe pou nou ta voté pou yo. Nan ka sa a yo wè ké pa gen route pa bwa, sé pou tout ti lidè sa yo fè yon sèl ak Prézidan Martelly pou yo voyé Prézidan Martelly rétounen President en Haiti pou yon lòt 4 ans.

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Delinois Eugene says...

I try to understand the politic in my country but I felt, before I was hear opposition party was request for election, the president party was not pushing to do election and I way they want to keep the power but now the president party ask for election and the opposition don't accept to go to election, waww I am confuse Maybe I most go back and forget about this country for

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