Haiti Elections 2014 - STILL No Loi Electorale, The Senate cannot VOTE

Mezanmi... Haiti now has an full electoral council (CEP) but STILL NO Electoral LAW (Loi Electorale) because the Senators are still unable (perhaps UNWILLING) to vote on the law... Their last attempt Tuesday, 23 July 2014 failed... Why? No Quorum, meaning not enough Senators were present at the Senate to conduct the business of the Republic...

Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime - Haiti Senator

Only 10 of the 20 Haiti Senators were present at the Senate as they attempted to vote on the Electoral Law (Loi Electorale) so there can be elections in Haiti...

So what happened to the other 10 Senators?
Why did they NOT show up for work?

Well... What can I say? They don't get paid by the hour... LOL... they don't have to punch in... You understand?

Of the group of 6 senators (groupe des 6), two of them were present, Pierre Francky Exius and Jean-Baptiste Bien Aime.

If I understand this correctly, even-though there is an Electoral council (CEP) in place for elections to be held, they are powerless without this Electoral law which is supposed to come from parliament the Senate.

I wonder what will happen if these Senators refuse to come together to Vote on this Loi Electoral...

What do you think about that?

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Nosier Sou Facebook says...

Apre sa wa tande gouvenman an pa vle fe eleksyon...

Date ceci date cela.

Epi tou, fe eleksyon an pap bon pou yo tou paske yo pap vote yo anko.

Si se pa magouy kout kob ya va bay. personn pap vote yo

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Keke Sou Facebook says...

Sa mwen vle pou pep la konnen, annou gade 6 vagabon ki bloke chanm sena a, ki jan yo te rantre nan palman, se vòlè yo vòlè eleksyon an ba yo, gen nan yo menm ki t-ap jere 2 djob alafwa, sa vle di yo consul e délégué, nèg yo san

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Subject: Haiti Elections 2014 - STILL No Loi Electorale, The Senate cannot VOTE edit

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