Haitian Army Vs Haitian Police - What is the difference?

Haiti Security - I ask one of my Haitian police friends does he think Haiti need an army. "YES," he replies, "without a doubt. The Haitian army is not a police force and the police can never replace the army, they operate differently..."

I ask him what is the difference.

"A police officer is a civilian," he relies, "he goes to work and he goes home. his primary objective is to protect and serve. Many times while performing his duties, he chooses to give his own life instead of harming someone."

"That's why so many Haitian police officers are dying in the line of duty," he continues, "before they pull the trigger, even to protect themselves, they have to think about the consequences. That's a good thing but not in all cases."

"A soldier in the army is a military man, " he continues, "He is authorized to used lethal force if necessary to protect himself in the line of duty in order to accomplish his mission: maintain law and order, preserve peace and security, enforce government policies and laws."

He went on an on to explain to me that the Haitian Army necessary to maintain peace and security in the nation, to protect it's borders, to carry out missions that are pretty much impossible for a police force.

After everything he said... Everyone argues that Haiti does not have any external enemies and therefore does not need an army as if to say that's the only reason for army to exist.

What do you think about that?

What other differences can you make, good or bad?

Are you FOR or AGAINST the formation of an army in Haiti?

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Jackson says...

Costa Rica est l'un des pays depourvu d'institution militaire Je suis sure que la maintenance d'une armee n'est la priorite D'Haiti pour

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Yves Colas says...

What country doesn't have an army to defend its borders or in case of civil disobedience to help the police restore law and order for those who said Haiti doesn't have enemies look

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Gauthier Saintilus says...

Definitely, strong Haitian Army must be reintegrated in Haiti to protect the land and maintain the national sovereignty.


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Jean Gachette says...

All those arguments about the police and the army is a myth and it is going no where.

The police is under the minimum and with the minimum resources.

Where will we find money to have an army?

We don't event have a presidential airplane or a

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Tonton Michel says...

That right there is the problem a false idea of the purpose of an army. Military are not to operate inside its own border unless it is an emergency.

The more leeway you give them to operate in such manner the more you get nasty business like that little over throwing of an elected government years back. They are to protect the borders from the nations enemies such as the D, and the United States who has put troops in Haiti multiple

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